My Stab at Obamacare Optimization


Jeremy over at Go Curry Cracker has just published two terrific posts on Obamacare optimization (see here and here). They’re not for the faint of heart. The numbers, charts, and fiscal permutations will make your head spin. But they’re definitely worth a read, especially if you plan to retire early and will be relying on … [Read more…]

Top 10 Reasons Why I Shop With A Grocery App


Introduction Up until not that long ago, Mr. Groovy and I had cell phones with antennas. I had to grow my hair long enough to hide the antenna when I used my phone in public, which was not often. I’m not someone who enjoys being extremely connected so it should come as no surprise that … [Read more…]

Can Tiny Houses Solve the Retirement Crisis?


A large number of Americans on the cusp of retirement, those aged 55 to 64, are in trouble. According to a recent Bloomberg editorial, the median household retirement savings for people in this age group is a meager $14,500. Fourteen thousand, five hundred dollars is a scary number. It effectively means that half the households … [Read more…]