Warning – Don’t Let Them Jew You Down!


I was brought up Jewish. In New York, being Jewish is a cultural thing. When people ask me about being Jewish I say, “I know the foods—give me a bagel with a schmear or a piece of chocolate babka cake and I’m happy.” I haven’t been exposed to much anti-Semitism in New York or in North Carolina … [Read more…]

The Hannibal Lecter Guide to Personal Finance

Forget Ramsey. Forget Edelman. Forget Mr. Money Mustache. The greatest personal finance guru of our generation is Hannibal Lecter. A rather bold claim, no doubt. But humor me for a moment and watch the following clip from Silence of the Lambs. Pay particular attention to Hannibal’s insights from the 0:44 second mark on. “We begin … [Read more…]

Workplace Acronyms: The Bane of My Existence


I work for a company that does TPL for numerous state Medicaid departments and CMS. For the first five years of my TPL career, I was assigned to SGS. Then my Charlotte office was closed and all its functions were moved to Irving, TX. Fortunately for me, I was allowed to keep my job and … [Read more…]

I Really Wish My HOA Would Go MIA


We knew what we were getting into when we purchased our home. It was a brand new house in a partially built community. Eight years later, construction is more than half complete and the neighborhood is well lived in. We have tree-lined streets flanked with magnolias, Bradford pears and crepe myrtles. Children play in their … [Read more…]