Geoarbitrage and Financial Independence


A few months ago I reached out to Joshua Sheats and suggested that my idea of a Junior IRA (JIRA) might be a good topic for his podcast, Radical Personal Finance. To my utter shock, Joshua agreed to have me on his show. You can listen to it here if you like. Now, the interesting thing … [Read more…]

A Financial Sherlock Holmes I Was Not


I’ll never forget Lori. I met her one weekend during my Junior year at Buffalo University. Lori was in town visiting her best friend Mary (my housemate’s girlfriend). And, as luck would have it, Lori’s visit coincided with a house party we were throwing. So there we were, 50 to 60 of America’s somewhat best … [Read more…]

Don’t Be A Method Actor When It Comes To Your Finances


Stephanie O’Connell wrote a wonderful article called ‘Yes and…’ Your Life about borrowing an improvisational technique used by actors and applying it to your life. “Yes, and…” requires you to accept whatever circumstances are presented to you as truth, incorporate them, and use them moving forward. She suggested using it as a way to get … [Read more…]