Eight rather than Ten Reasons Not to Get a Bachelor’s Degree


Special Note In the comments section, James from RetirementSavvy called me out on reasons 6, 7, and 8. Here’s his exact rebuke. Also, reasons 6-8 strike me more as an attempt to make political points and not real points about the value of attaining a college degree. I respect James a lot, so I naturally … [Read more…]

One Year of Blogging: Our Reflections and Thanks


Mr. Groovy and I are not big on birthday and anniversary celebrations—and so the one year anniversary of Freedom Is Groovy came and went without much fanfare. Still, we realize it’s no small accomplishment to keep a blog up and running for a year—statistics show 95% of bloggers drop off the face of the blogosphere … [Read more…]

The Laser-Focus Positivity Challenge


Today I propose the Laser-Focus Positivity Challenge, and let me preface the challenge by saying I hate the word positivity. It may be a real word, but it sounds made-up. Do you know what kind of people use words like positivity? It’s the same ones who say, “Between you and I”—in an attempt to sound … [Read more…]