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    • Mr. Groovy

      Yes, I get to share my abject humiliation on a weekly basis. You would think that that spectacle alone would suffice. But not for Mrs. G. I’m sure she’ll come up with some material bounty to christen her ultimate victory on the Fight-O-Meter. Hope all is well in Phnom Penh. Give my regards to Mr. WoW. Cheers.

  1. Hey Mr. Groovy!

    From my experience buying and remodeling a house:

    Definitely hire a realtor – “a jack of all trades is a master of none”; an expert will probably get you the most value and save you time and headaches.

    Hire a hardworking realtor – some just put a lockbox on the house and let it sell itself.

    A good realtor will know the typical buyer for your area, and will leverage relationships with other realtors to find the most promising buyers. Some buyers want (and can pay for) a “turnkey” home. Others want a bargain fixer-upper. Others don’t know what they want.

    Some realtors will try to entice you with an unrealistic proposed list price, knowing you’ll have to drop the price later. As Tom mentioned, doing your comp homework beforehand helps.

    Lots of buyers will have your home professionally inspected during the “due diligence” period. The inspector works for them and wants to protect himself, and will therefore err on the side of finding flaws with the property. The buyers will then use such perceived flaws to try to lower the price.



    • Mr. Groovy

      Thank you, Miguel. I know I get a little flippant when I consider the value of a realtor. But that’s because I know that Mrs. G is big on realtors and takes choosing one very seriously. Our neighbor just sold his house for $220K. And our house is slightly bigger and has better features. So we’re hoping to get in the $240K range. We’ll see. Have a great weekend, my friend.

  2. Everyone in my husband’s line snores like crazy – even our almost three year old son. Weirdest experience ever was sleeping in a one room cottage on vacation and realizing it was my MIL snoring and not my husband because he had stepped out for a minute. They have the EXACT same snore. I didn’t even realize that was a thing.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Oh, Angela, that’s too funny. Here’s one for you. My friend’s daughter graduated from college a few years ago and when his family went for the graduation, my friend shared a hotel room with his son and his mother. Anyway, unbeknownst to my friend, his mom snores like a truck driver. It was so bad, he and his son, who was around 13 at the time, left the room and slept in my friend’s car. The next day he told his mom that he and her grandson woke up early and went to the gym for a workout. He didn’t have the heart to tell her about the snoring. And here’s the really weird thing. My friend doesn’t snore at all. So not only can a mother pass a snoring trait onto a son, the snoring trait from mom can skip a generation. Thanks for sharing, Angela. Why oh why did God invent snoring?

  3. I’m going to restrain from caulk jokes. Just this once. Anyways, we sold our home two years ago. It was stressful, so I can relate. It sold after only being listed for one week! Our buyers were first time home owners so that added to the list of things to be done. Nothing major thankfully.

    Best of luck!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Oh, man, do I hate caulking. I am getting better at, though. But thank you for going gently on my frayed nerves and hurling caulking jokes my way. I owe you, sir.

    • Mr. Groovy

      I can’t speak for everyone else, but we let a lot of stuff fester because 1) they’re fairly minor and didn’t impact our quality of life, and 2) I’m a lazy sh**t. I’m trying to get better. That’s why my main goal for 2018 was to cut out television/YouTube. And so far, besides our first Tuesday of the month matinee of a Walking Dead episode, I’ve stayed clear of the dreaded screen. As far as selling on our own, we haven’t considered. We don’t know anyone in our neighborhood who has done so successfully. The few that tried years ago eventually gave up and went with a realtor. Although it’s tempting. Our neighborhood is hot and going realtor-less may not be a total dumpster fire.

  4. Great update! Looks like things are really moving along.

    Good luck with choosing your realtor. Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding being an attorney, I can say how well it worked out being my own realtor last time we bought a house. Attorneys in my state don’t need any type of additional license or anything to act as their own realtor. I was able to take my portion of the commission off of the sale price of the house. So glad I found out about being able to do that!

  5. I really enjoyed the “1.Put back lower shelf in the linen closet (it was removed to accommodate a litter box for Groovy Cat).”

    Mrs. Frugal Money Man has always had a cat as long as we have been together, and we have definitely come up with some interesting engineering ways to maneuver a litter box into small spaces!

    I can’t wait to see the update Fight-O-Meter in the future posts!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! We even put an air purifier on the shelf above the litter box. Cats are awesome, but indoor cats need to poop and pee in the house and accommodating that requires a little thought and ingenuity.

  6. Is there a Groovy Fight-O-Meter widget or app in the works? I’d like to have access to live updates. 🙂

    I painted the exterior of our house (single story ranch) about two years ago. Damn it was a lot of work. I’ll leave it to the pros next time. Glad to hear you’re doing the same.
    Brian recently posted…Goal SettingMy Profile

    • Mr. Groovy

      Oh, man, a Groovy Fight-O-Meter widget or app would be nice. Let me mull the widget over. I’m sure with a little tinkering, I may be able to come up with one.

  7. Love the inter-post dialogue and the awesome graphic!

    We were relieved when our realtor told us to skip most of the interior painting on our list. Maybe you will have similar luck in a hot market?

    Our only hurdle to close the sale was some un-permitted work we had done to re-route the water heater vent. Whoopsidaisies!

    We had 19 offers in 5 days, 3 of them cash!

    • Mr. Groovy

      19 offers in 5 days! 3 of them cash! Talk about an avalanche of riches. I love it. If only our sale goes half as well as yours. Got my fingers crossed. And, yes, we’re holding off on the painting until we consult with a realtor.

  8. Having a good vs a mediocre Realtor can definitely make a big difference. We had a Realtor once who knew all of the tricks and benefited us throughout the selling/buying process. He just knew what he was doing and acted with knowledgeable authority without being deceptive. In another location (where we couldn’t hire the same guy), we had a Realtor who was nice but didn’t really go to bat for us. Kinda wishy-washy and didn’t have that “command” and ability to lead. We actually had to stand up for ourselves a few times when he would have said, Ahh, just leave it.

    Good luck on the sale, and especially on the Fight-O-Meter! The threat of having a public meter should help prevent fights rather than evening the score! 🙂

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thank you, Rybo. Upon further reflection, and Mrs. G’s well-argued points, I now see the wisdom of taking the choice of realtor seriously. It sucks going with your gut reaction when your gut reactions are so often wrong.

  9. Ooh I was going to ask who has been doing your illustrations. You already know how to make a calculator, if you have artistic talent too then I’m floored!

    Sounds like a lot of painting. Did you guys fight over the paint color choices? That’s what Jared and I fought about once. I won!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I do have artistic talent. But I haven’t the time to rekindle my artistic eye, so we outsourced the illustrations. His/her identity will be divulged this spring. And actually, at the behest of Mrs. G, we decided to hold off on the painting until we get input from our realtor. If he or she says paint, we’ll paint. And we’ll paint whatever color he or she feels is appropriate.

  10. Nice to do list. Doesn’t look like anything too crazy, just tedious sort of tasks. I found that repainting the floor board trim on our house made it pop and look “fresh” as well. Beyond that, we depersonalized and removed about 80% of our family photos. We also cleared out our closets and put that stuff in the attic. This made them not seem jam packed and full so the buyer doesn’t think, “Oh, there won’t be enough room for my stuff in here”. Instead they see an empty’ish closet and think, “Wow, loads of storage space” lol.

    Our house lasted 4 days before we had an offer and contract. Good luck with your prepping!
    Mr. SSC recently posted…Our 2017 Spending: What a Dumpster Fire!My Profile

    • Mr. Groovy

      Nice tip on painting the floorboards. Didn’t think of that. And we’re way ahead of you on the personalized front. Everything save two pictures of Mrs. G and I have already been boxed and stored. No goofy family pictures to distort a buyer’s vision!

  11. The Fight-O-Meter is hilarious. It sounds like you have a great plan. Thankfully, we’ve never sold a house (I half joke about dying here after all the work we did. OK, I’m dead serious.). I’m loving following along and huzzah on only one fight.

    And hey, Mrs. G! Loving all of your interjections 😉 I can just picture the two of you going back and forth over this. #marriedgoals

    • Mr. Groovy

      #marriedgoals indeed. You know, after 15 years of marriage I really enjoy our “discussions.” We no longer say things to injure or hurt, although cuss words are bandied about from time to time. No, we say things to bring Team Groovy to a better place. Our “discussions” are part of the process. And that process has rarely lead us down an unfortunate path.

  12. I’m glad the punch list won’t hit your wallet too much.

    Perhaps Mrs. G can negotiate a lower commission rate if all the realtors know they’ve got competition.

    That graphic is the BEST! Mrs. Groovy cats eyes say it all. 🙂 Love it!

  13. Prepping our house to sell was a huge undertaking – but it made all the difference in a really quick sale. We addressed all the maintenance issues – rather than trying to cover anything up. The home inspector (hired by the buyer) just smiled as he went around the house. Good luck hiring a realtor. We just stuck a sign in the yard and didn’t end up using one. But we knew what the property would sell for – and used that as a tool to make a fast sale. And we’d had way more fights than you up to this point – so good for you!
    [email protected] recently posted…Putting Health Before Wealth in 2018My Profile

    • Mr. Groovy

      “We addressed all the maintenance issues – rather than trying to cover anything up.”

      Exactly. We want to hand off a solid product to the next homeowners. And Mrs. G prides herself on being a realtor’s dream. We have no egos when it comes to selling. We do whatever the realtor says.

  14. Reading your punch list reminds me of all the things that need doing in my home…so stop that! 😛 I’m glad things are moving along, and I hope you find a suitable realtor and designer.

    Just have to say though, for anyone who snores like a bear, you should get checked out for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) if you haven’t already. It can lead to some serious consequences if left untreated(my heart disease is a prime example).

    On a lighter note, I’m loving the fight-o-meter and the “editorial notes” from Mrs. G!
    Gary @ Super Saving Tips recently posted…These 19 Finance Questions Explain Why You Have Money TroubleMy Profile

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, Gary. I’ve had my snoring checked out when we first got married. No sleep apnea. And at no time during the night did I stop breathing and suffer diminished oxygen levels. The weird thing is that I’ve always been a snoring since high school. And that’s when I weighed a lot less than my current weight of 185. I just got a deformed neck or something. Maybe a new test is in order. I’m at a loss.

    • Mr. Groovy

      We’re preparing for the worst. And in our neck of America, the worst is $150 per sq ft. As long as we come in at or below that number, we’re golden.

  15. I am so excited for you both!! Oh, and now I realize why you have such a happy successful marriage – it isn’t the bedrooms (though that helps because everyone hates a shitty nights rest) it is the separate bathrooms!! As for the Fight-o-meter, if Mrs Groovy stays in the lead everyone wins. 😉 Good luck on the Realtor choosing. Maybe you should invite them all at the same time and fire questions at them like speed dating…
    Miss Mazuma recently posted…2017 – That’s a Wrap!My Profile

    • Mr. Groovy

      I have no doubt that Mrs. G will thrash me once the final fight-o-meter tally is totaled. But I’m not complaining. I learned early on in our marriage that her instincts, especially when it comes to real estate, are almost always spot on. So I’m just rolling with it.

  16. Laurie Blank

    You guys are on the right track as far as getting the house ready – doing everything you need to do!! I hear Mrs. G on finding the right realtor. Integrity and competence are key. Go with your gut, Mrs. G. Interview at least three. I have a feeling your place will go really fast. Woohoo for the Groovy Ranch!!

    • Mr. Groovy

      It’s so annoying when you have a spouse that is smarter than you. But it does come in handy. Saves you from a lot of mistakes.

  17. Can you write a post on how to choose realtor?
    I’m planning to sell our condo at some point and move into our duplex.
    External paint? That sounds like a ton of work. How long will that take?
    Good luck!

  18. Oh man, I SOOOO remember the insane deadline driven “Get The House Ready To SELL!!” chaos we faced when we changed our plans and had to sell the house earlier than planned. It was hell, but it was incredibly successful. Start now. Do SOMETHING every day! BTW, based on the HILARIOUS exchange in your post, I think you missed a fight on your Fight-O-Meter or two! (for the record, I LOVE the he said/she said exchange in your most recent posts). Beyond Groovy!!

    • Mr. Groovy

      “It was hell, but it was incredibly successful. Start now.”

      That’s the game plan, my friend. Everyday I hit something on our punch list. And we’ll be contacting realtors starting next month. Oh, the joys of homeownership.

    • Mr. Groovy

      We are in a good place–even though we had a doozy of a battle yesterday. No lasting damage to either combatant’s limbs or ego, but our best one to date. Mrs. Groovy will be writing about it on our next update. Stay tuned.

  19. Sorry Mr. G, but agree with Mrs. G. We sold our house last year. We interviewed and got list price ranges from 4 agents before choosing 1. There was a 15%+ variance in recommended list prices. Based on my homework, we chose the agent with the highest recommended list. He had a good marketing plan too. I am glad we did. The right choice definitely maxed out our ultimate sell price and minimized time on the market. Tom
    Tom @ Dividends Diversify recently posted…Blogroll PleaseMy Profile

    • Mr. Groovy

      No worries. I learned long ago that Mrs. G is usually right. Damn it! No one told me this marriage thing was going to be so humbling.

  20. Why are you bothering to create a nice visual scoreboard for something that you know you will lose at? It’s premeditated failure on display.

    The list of things that need to be done in my house is about 4x longer than yours. I’m a master procrastinator. But I’m not selling anytime soon so I’ll keep letting small things drift. But thanks for the reminder on caulking, I’ve got quite a lot of caulking to do.