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    • Mrs. Groovy

      Mr. G is going to paint just the front of the house which shouldn’t be too difficult. It doesn’t make sense to spend $5K on the whole house when the front is most important.

  1. Oomph Mr. G! You’ve had a couple big misses lately. Time to step it up. 😉

    I’m a little shaky on the 12yr old incident but I’m gonna give it to you Mrs. G for all the times Mr. G retold it on you.

    I hope you found a realtor you liked at least!

    • Mrs. Groovy

      Thanks, Amy! I think I’m gonna give him back the retro win.

      We met three and liked them all. We should decide by Monday or Tuesday.

  2. Hey Mrs. Groovy!

    As far as I know, aesthetics are important to getting a house sold, as shown by the whole “staging” industry that’s cropped up. There’s also a chance a buyer’s inspector will mention any aesthetic “issue” in the report, which the buyer will then use for leverage in price negotiations.

    I have conflicting thoughts about part-time jobs and side gigs. On one hand, it seems preferable to hire someone who is fully devoted to one thing. On the other, nowadays it’s common for people to have more than one line of business, from weekend Uber drivers to, ahem, people who moonlight as bloggers. There’s also lots of wildly successful people who, in addition to their day jobs, serve on corporate boards and whatnot.

    So, I wonder if this is something more confined to the real estate industry, a reflection of changed times, or something else.

    As always, an interesting, fun, and thought-provoking post!


    • Mrs. Groovy

      I understand your conflicting thoughts, Miguel. I just think with certain professions if a person needs an additional job, it leads to a lack of confidence.

      In a decent market a good seller’s realtor may be selling 40 to 50 homes a year. Also, they have to follow guidelines set forth by the company that employs them. They may be required to physically be in the office a certain number of hours per week and take continuing ed and other training. Ideally they don’t have much time left for additional employment.

      Miss Mazuma’s example is another one that would make me lose confidence in the professional. I would wonder why I’m paying $150 (or whatever) per therapy session while the therapist is bagging groceries for considerably less. The problem is about perception and also about value.

      Funny you mentioned aesthetics and the inspection because I asked both realtors about that and if buyers are using the inspection as an additional negotiating tool. They’re not seeing it very much in this market. But we’re in a good position to say no. The buyer would also need to consider losing money on an inspection and potentially a due diligence fee. We have an additional fee here in NC that is paid before the earnest money is paid and it is not refundable — even if the buyer cancels the deal for a valid reason. We paid it on our land purchase.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      Thanks, Caroline! Yes, he really did. He says it was an accident but I’m going to have to write about it. Even if it was an accident it was still a doofus move on his part.

  3. At the risk of appearing as if I’m taking sides, I’d give Mrs. G two wins. The tile floor is a wash since only one Realtor brought it up. The retro win is flimsy, but I’m giving it to you as payback for 12 years of being teased about “O-R’ing” (love that term 😀 ).

    I’m almost certainly not going to make FinCon this year but I can’t wait for the day when I get to hang w/ you two!

    • Mrs. Groovy

      Mr. G says I’m OR-ing almost as frequently as I ask what is wrong with him.

      I already told him he can take back a win but we’ll see what he does next week. He usually just takes his lumps.

      I’ll keep a glimmer of hope that things change and you make it to FinCon. Otherwise we’ll have to work something out.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      Sorry your comment went into the ether!

      Nah, Mr. G won’t need to do the floors. I’m hiring a local guy who has good reviews but I’m going to wait until we’re a little closer to putting our home on the market.

  4. Mrs. G., I think you do get retro credit for putting up with that story being told for so many years. 😉
    We once went with a selling realtor because our buying realtor in the state we were moving to recommended her through his network AND told her the details (timing, motivation, etc.) of our move. She wasn’t very helpful and we weren’t happy we listed with her. Never know what the realtors will share with each other 🤷‍♀️
    I hope it all goes well for you.
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    • Mrs. Groovy

      Thanks, Carol. Realtors are supposed to hold themselves to a very high standard but I guess, as with any profession, some of the lines are blurry. And some of the lines get crossed. I’m sorry you had that experience.

  5. Silence makes me uncomfortable too, as it reminds me of my college days as a radio DJ and “no dead air”. However, I don’t think I blurt out too many inappropriate details. Still, I get asked “what is wrong with you?” plenty of times. It’s tough to be a lovable doofus! Hope you two have a great Valentine’s Day at the book store.
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    • Mrs. Groovy

      I didn’t realize how common the question “What is wrong with you?” is. Mr. G is in good company at least.

      Yes, the book store was fun and it was pretty empty, which was nice. I hope you and Suzanne had a great Valentine’s Day as well.

  6. Great point about not giving your bottom line. Mr. Groovy – you lost that one, for sure!! As for the Realtor having another gig – it’s pretty common but as a seller a bit off-putting for a sellers agent. A buyers agent, less so. I must say, neither is as bad as walking into Trader Joes and seeing your son’s therapist bagging groceries. Just happened to my boyfriend!!

  7. Oh Mrs. G I feel your pain! Come to think of it, I said the “Why did you say that? Do you realize how that came out?” comment to Mr.Wow this weekend. I especially enjoy it when I make a comment and then a few minutes later he restates what I just said but then thinks that he was the creator of that thought. And he says it in a contesting way, as if I do not agree. The story of my life!

    • Mrs. Groovy

      I think you hit on a way of getting Mr. G and Mr. WoW to do what we want. We have to make suggestions that are oh-so-subtle — and then let them come up with the idea and be the creator of that thought. Then we can say “honey, what a great idea!”

  8. OMG, I am literally LOL as I read this at work. You have GOT to stop writing so well, I may get fired. Then again, screw work (only 115 days left), keep telling us “I’m Just An Idiot” stories.

    And, for the record, there’s no statute of limitations with the fight-o-meter. Only an idiot would think such a thing! 🙂

    • Mrs. Groovy

      Between our posts and the tweets Mr. G put out with the Adele parody, it’s a wonder you get any work done in the office or at your apartment. (For anyone who wants a good laugh, search for Adele parody Hella Cravings in YouTube.)

      Oh, I’ve got plenty more “I’m just an idiot!” stories.

      Thanks, Fritzer.

  9. First… I want an apology, because I just spit my tea out all over the table.

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. And on Valentine’s day! Love is truly in the air.

    “What is wrong with you?” is said more times to me than I would like to admit, along with “Stop mumbling”, “I can’t believe you did that”, “what were you thinking?” . They all seem to go hand in hand.

    I feel Mr Groovy’s pain. Silence seems to make me uncomfortable. I specifically remember Mrs Wow looking at me and going, “Why don’t you shut up and let them talk?” on more than one occasion.

    I’m also gonna have to take his side on the Retro-Active fight wins. Because if we were ever to tally this up, she would have a YUGE advantage.

    Anyway… Happy V-Day Love Birds!!!! Now, back to mopping up my tea.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      I am VERY sorry, Mr. WoW. I hope you didn’t stain any of Mrs. WoW’s table cloths.

      Oh yes, stop mumbling is a popular ditty in my repertoire too. Mr. G will say it’s my hearing but at least he knows that when I’m giving a fake smile and nodding my head, I don’t know what the heck he’s said but I’m tired of asking him WHATTTTT????

      You’re right. I should probably give him back a win. He can make the adjustment on the next update if he wants to.

      Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

    • Mrs. Groovy

      Thanks, Dave.

      I don’t know if the cat incident is fodder for an entire post — maybe. If not, I’ll have to edit this one with an addition.

  10. Man Mr Groovy I hear you. My bottom line now is I try and support friends and family above strangers if their behaviour is socially acceptable. I won’t tell my wife to move. I love my wife, the other person can move. This did not come naturally to me but has set a better order in our house.

    As for pricing. I always look at realators with suspicion. If they sell the house for 15k less it is not much off of their final commission and they still get a sale. Keep those cards close. Still I am more like you Mr Groovy and say too much too quick. My wife is the better negotiator and business person.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      The other person can move. Good for you!

      My husband is just plain weird when it comes to space and people. When we begin our daily walk in the park we may be the only two people there. Then we might round a turn and see two others walking a quarter of a mile ahead in the distance. And I already know he’s planning on taking a diversion in the path so he doesn’t have to pass them.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      I’m sorry to bring up bad memories for you, Tom. It’s not as bad as having a root canal but there can be rough patches, no doubt. I’m pretty hopeful right now. We’re in a good position because we don’t have to sell or move right away. We’ve got time to wait for the right deal.

  11. Funny. Weirdly, I’ve had a similar unbelievable experience with a realtor’s temp job. When we were first looking for a home, our high-profile realtor palmed us off on an assistant, presumably because our budget wasn’t that big. The assistant was nice but wasn’t very good– I kick myself for missing out on some amazing deals back in 2011. We started looking again in 2012, and the realtor was no longer working with the assistant, so she reclaimed us as her clients. We then bought a pocket listing for a steal, which mostly made up for the bad service we received.

    Then one day I get to work and find an email announcing that the realtor’s former assistant is working as an unpaid extern in my own office! Totally different field in a different part of town. I felt bad that her career had gone so badly. Fortunately it’s a big office so I was able to avoid her.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      I feel for you on that, Frieda. That’s another area that came up on all the articles I researched. They said to ask: a) Do you have a team or will I be working only with you? b) Who answers the phone when I call or when a prospective buyer calls? c) How quickly do you return calls?

      Several articles went as far as suggesting that before deciding, a seller should call or have friends call, and see who answers, how quickly they return calls, etc.

      I wouldn’t like being passed off on someone, or reclaimed. I’d probably want out of the agreement — and that’s another question the articles said to ask — can I get out of the agreement if I’m not happy.

      It’s too bad the intern’s career went so badly. I wonder if she was in the wrong field or just working with the wrong firm.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      It really needs to be their bread and butter plus they need to be very good at it. Dabbling doesn’t cut it for a big financial decision.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      He’s buying me a mocha coffee at Starbucks. Does that count? We got an idea from one of Gary’s posts at supersavingtips.com to spend some time in Barnes and Noble today. I found two old B & N gift cards that were given to Mr. G years ago he may as well take advantage of.

  12. Hahaha, When Mr. G gets nervous he also kicks cats, that cracked me up this morning. I vote for 3 wins, even if one is retro-active. Yuo could bargain that if you got that win, you wouldn’t write a post justifying it. 🙂

    Sounds like you have a good realtor, at least when buying the land. When we bought land, most of the lots were the same realtor and price varied wildly (see my reply below) with no seeming order to it at all.

    I agree that until you’re under contract, you don’t want anyone knowing your bottom line. I don’t trust most realtors in general given our experiences. We ran into the “oh, there are multiple offers, are you sure that’s your best and final?” and then when we withdrew our offer 2 weeks later, guess what sat on the market for 4 more months, and ultimately sold lower than our offer? The same house that had multiple offers on it… That happened a couple of times, so um, yeah….
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    • Mrs. Groovy

      I agree there can be a lot of games involved. One thing we’ve found here that is pretty consistent. With the homes that are not very high-end (like ours) the sale prices are not that far off from the listing price. We also know of a few recent sales that were higher than the list price. We’re in a good place right now because the 6 to 8 other homes on the market in our subdivision are a totally different model. They’re larger and cost quite a bit more. If it stays this way we won’t have much competition — if someone is looking for our style of home.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      You’re right, Brian. I’m one of those elephants who doesn’t forget. In this case it got to me because only recently he regaled the family with this story about what I nut I was in 2006 for being worried that our realtor had another job. BTW, it turned out that she really was just temping for fun and we’ve become great friends. And the story had a great ending because she got the highest amount for us that was ever paid for a one bedroom in our building — probably to this day. Long Beach has gone back up, but not that much.

  13. You two are so funny. I love reading these posts.

    Not just because they are entertaining, but because my wife and I also talk about buying land in Western NC and building a small single-story house there.

    We had one in Lake Lure many years ago and I sometimes wish we’d kept it. But with some life changes we know that honestly it would have sat empty these past 10 years.

    Perhaps in another few years we’ll start looking out there again.
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    • Mrs. Groovy

      Thanks, Brad.

      Lake Lure is very pretty. We’ve been there and to Chimney Rock. At one time we were seeking land around Asheville — but then we made our first trip to Montana. After that we decided if we’re going to buy mountain land, it’s going to be MOUNTAIN land out west.

  14. Wow, it seems I am a mixture of you. In our marriage, I am the one who provides the facts and then peacefully have to wait for my wife to figure out I was right. However, I am the one too who blurts out inappropriate comments. It is good that she is smart in fields I am not and vice versa. I think we are a great team, just like you 🙂

    Sorry Mr. Groovy, but I have to agree with the 3 wins for her.
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    • Mrs. Groovy

      Thanks, HCF. It’s true we complement one another. That’s what makes Team Groovy work. If we were too similar we’d be bored. I’m glad to see the same holds true for you.

  15. Hang in there, Mr. G! I live with one of those guys who blurts things out at the wrong time and he’s even on medication to prevent it 😉 This house stuff is stressful! But the end product will make going down in flames on the fight-o-meter worth it!

  16. I love keeping up with your fight scores. Looks like Mr. Groovy is down big late in the game. I bet he can mount some kind of comeback.

    Another valid point in the realtor not knowing the cost goes the other way when buying a home, too. You shouldn’t fall in love with a home (I know it’s hard) and make it obvious how much you’d be willing to pay. The reason is that realtors get paid off of the sale of a home. You end up paying (typically) 6% or so to each side.

    Coincidentally, if you mention you’d be willing to pay listing price to your realtor, don’t be surprised when that’s the counter you get because “there are multiple offers.” The price going up allows for each realtor (and each broker) getting paid more. So, don’t let it surprise you that your realtor “let it slip” to the selling realtor how much more you’d be willing to pay.

    Great advice on the part-time realtor work. Never would have thought to ask that, honestly.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      Coincidentally, the 2nd realtor we met which I didn’t discuss yet, recently had a client who received multiple offers. When that fact was presented to one of the buyers, she thought they were playing games and backed out. But it worked out because the seller went with a higher offer.

      It’s very tricky with realtors. When we bought the Groovy Ranch Land, the listing was too high. At the same time, an almost identical property next to us was being sold by the same person and was under contract with the same listing agent.

      Our realtors called the listing agent to discuss an offer. They gave him a ballpark range and he said his seller would probably accept at the higher end. Our realtors basically said, “Look, the sale price of the adjacent lot will be public in a few weeks. We don’t want to find out our buyers paid too much.” In this case it seemed reasonable for our realtors to make an inquiry, because a bunch of properties on the same road were subdivided from a larger tract, owned by one seller. In theory they should all be priced the same per acre.

      • Sounds like you have found a good realtor! I am not too far away (live in Winston Salem). We have some good friends that will likely help us when we buy a house in about 18 months. Gotta get rid of this student loan debt, first.

        • Mrs. Groovy

          Oh too bad we didn’t know that. We were in Winston Salem in December for a wedding. It would have been great to meet up with you.

          I would also advise that if you’re considering working with friends who are realtors, I would still interview two others. Buying a home is a business transaction and you want to do what you can to work with a top notch professional.

      • You would think that about price per acre, but case in point, our lot in Canyon Lake is 2.4 acres, heavily treed (a bonus for us) and we got it for $53k. The lot next to it, same layout, size, and building restrictions with the watershed splitting our properties is priced at $110k. WTF? It even has less trees (read privacy) and still no direct lake view. The lot on the other side is priced at $58k and you could position the house to get a lake view… I don’t get it either.
        Mr. SSC recently posted…Stick to the Plan or Chase Adventure?My Profile

          • Yes, that’s the weird part. Well, most are owned by the same developer still. Some residents have purchased lots in the neighborhood back when they were $15k or even $25k and just sat on them to sell later. Those have emotional attachment and prices tend to reflect that, like the $110k lot next to ours, but, even the ones owned by the developer fluctuate pretty wildly on a seemingly random basis.
            Mr. SSC recently posted…Stick to the Plan or Chase Adventure?My Profile

  17. What do I think? I think you need to do a post on him kicking your cat on the first date. Like, do that post as soon as possible. We need that post.

    You’ve got him down 6-1. This is the point in the game where you pile it on…. 🙂