The Hannibal Lecter Guide to Personal Finance

Forget Ramsey. Forget Edelman. Forget Mr. Money Mustache. The greatest personal finance guru of our generation is Hannibal Lecter. A rather bold claim, no doubt. But humor me for a moment and watch the following clip from Silence of the Lambs. Pay particular attention to Hannibal’s insights from the 0:44 second mark on. “We begin … [Read more…]

When In Doubt, Are You In or Are You Out?


I got the idea for this post when Mr. Groovy and I were taking one of our daily walks. We were listening to an episode of the Financial Rockstar with Scott Alan Turner, where a listener wrote in for advice. He described a “meeting” he was invited to by an acquaintance. When he arrived he learned it … [Read more…]