We Overspent and We Liked It!


I have something to admit. We blew it big time this month. Above our typical expenses we spent another $1,000 on discretionary items. What’s gotten into us? Have Mr. and Mrs. Groovy donned their spendy pants? Have they fallen victim to the siren call of “THINGS” that beckon “Buy me! Buy me!”? Hardly. But in … [Read more…]

The Hannibal Lecter Guide to Personal Finance

Forget Ramsey. Forget Edelman. Forget Mr. Money Mustache. The greatest personal finance guru of our generation is Hannibal Lecter. A rather bold claim, no doubt. But humor me for a moment and watch the following clip from Silence of the Lambs. Pay particular attention to Hannibal’s insights from the 0:44 second mark on. “We begin … [Read more…]

When In Doubt, Are You In or Are You Out?


I got the idea for this post when Mr. Groovy and I were taking one of our daily walks. We were listening to an episode of the Financial Rockstar with Scott Alan Turner, where a listener wrote in for advice. He described a “meeting” he was invited to by an acquaintance. When he arrived he learned it … [Read more…]