College: Crony Socialism at Its Worst

a picture of a college graduate giving a thumbs up

College is a giant freakin’ scam! I don’t know what disgusts me more about college. The medieval muumuus it forces its graduates to wear at graduation? The fundamentalist progressive culture it maintains with all the subtlety and good nature of a rampaging elephant? Or maybe it’s the debt slavery it foists upon any poor soul … [Read more…]

Frugal Ways to Get a College Degree


Mrs. Groovy and I are old. So we love hearing from millennials about their adventures in personal finance. One millennial we are particularly fond of is Lila (Jaime) Donovan. Lila is a college student/artist who blogs over at Artsy Finance. If you get a chance, please visit her sites. I think you’ll enjoy her unique perspective … [Read more…]

Am I About To Become A Teat-Sucking Layabout?


Come the end of this year, Mrs. Groovy and I will join the ranks of the early retired. This means we’ll enter 2017 without employer-provided health insurance. For the first time in decades, we’ll be responsible for protecting our assets from the ravenous jaws of the healthcare industry. Hello Obamacare. The nice thing about Obamacare … [Read more…]