Need to Save Money? Have No Friends!


Mr. Groovy and I currently save over fifty percent of our gross income. One reason we’re able to save so much is because we have no friends. Well, let me qualify that. We have no friends that live near us. Nine years ago we moved from Long Island to Charlotte, North Carolina, and yet after … [Read more…]

Financial Independence and Politics


I detest politics. I’m at the point now where I find it impossible to even look at a politician, regardless of party. So why does this blog occasionally veer into an area of life I find so objectionable? Because failure to do so would be a dereliction of duty. Let me explain. Achieving financial independence … [Read more…]

Can Tiny Houses Solve the Retirement Crisis?


A large number of Americans on the cusp of retirement, those aged 55 to 64, are in trouble. According to a recent Bloomberg editorial, the median household retirement savings for people in this age group is a meager $14,500. Fourteen thousand, five hundred dollars is a scary number. It effectively means that half the households … [Read more…]

How to Start Working Out Your Saving Muscles


To achieve financial independence (FI), you have to save at least 25 times your annual living expenses.* For example, if it costs $25,000 a year to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, doctor, and entertain yourself, you’ll need to save $625,000. Once you’ve hit this savings multiple, you can live off the dividends and capital gains that … [Read more…]

No-Nonsense DIY Expense Tracker


The goal of any self-respecting freedomist is to free himself or herself from the tyranny of financial dependency. When you have to work in order to survive, you’re financially dependent. When you don’t have to work, when you only labor because it suits your whim or excites you, you’re financially independent. To achieve financial independence … [Read more…]