The Burden of Gifts


Hello, groovy freedomists. Today we are proud to offer a guest post from Penny, a terrific blogger who blogs over at Mrs. Groovy and I are big fans of Penny. And before we tell you why this is so, we want to share some pertinent facts about Penny. Penny is a teacher and a … [Read more…]

A $7,500 College Degree in 12 Months?


Last week at Freedom Is Groovy, we got into a rollicking debate over the value of a bachelor’s degree. I took the controversial position that a bachelor’s degree is a scam. And, of course, I got gently lambasted for this position. James over at Retirement Savvy and Vicki over at Make Smarter Decisions made some … [Read more…]

The Five Most Disturbing Results from the Student Loan Borrower Survey


I recently came across the Student Loan Borrower Survey from LendEDU. LendEDU published it in January, 2016 after sending a team to various US colleges to find student loan borrowers. They interviewed 477 undergraduate and graduate students and concluded that current student loan borrowers know nothing about their student loans. Here are the five most … [Read more…]