Obamacare Here We Come


Earlier this year, I started looking into Obamacare. I wanted to get an idea of what health insurance would cost me in 2017, the first calendar year Mrs. Groovy and I would be retired and would thus no longer have employer-provided health insurance. Here is what I found on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website. … [Read more…]

Going Down the ACA and COBRA Insurance Rabbit Hole


Mr. Groovy and I are moving into uncharted territory—in 2017 we will no longer have employer covered health insurance. We’re each eligible to continue employer coverage through COBRA, but we’ll roll the dice and enroll in Obamacare under the Affordable Care Act. However, we have little idea what that will look like. I share our … [Read more…]

Am I About To Become A Teat-Sucking Layabout?


Come the end of this year, Mrs. Groovy and I will join the ranks of the early retired. This means we’ll enter 2017 without employer-provided health insurance. For the first time in decades, we’ll be responsible for protecting our assets from the ravenous jaws of the healthcare industry. Hello Obamacare. The nice thing about Obamacare … [Read more…]

My Stab at Obamacare Optimization


Jeremy over at Go Curry Cracker has just published two terrific posts on Obamacare optimization (see here and here). They’re not for the faint of heart. The numbers, charts, and fiscal permutations will make your head spin. But they’re definitely worth a read, especially if you plan to retire early and will be relying on … [Read more…]