We Overspent and We Liked It!


I have something to admit. We blew it big time this month. Above our typical expenses we spent another $1,000 on discretionary items. What’s gotten into us? Have Mr. and Mrs. Groovy donned their spendy pants? Have they fallen victim to the siren call of “THINGS” that beckon “Buy me! Buy me!”? Hardly. But in … [Read more…]

How to Be a Superhero at Work


If you want to be a hero at work, you gotta do two things. First, you gotta do your job well. Heroes aren’t dead wood. Second, heroes do what’s expected of them, and then some. The “then some” is the key. And it needn’t be spectacular. Just something that is above and beyond the job … [Read more…]

Warning – Don’t Let Them Jew You Down!


I was brought up Jewish. In New York, being Jewish is a cultural thing. When people ask me about being Jewish I say, “I know the foods—give me a bagel with a schmear or a piece of chocolate babka cake and I’m happy.” I haven’t been exposed to much anti-Semitism in New York or in North Carolina … [Read more…]

I Really Wish My HOA Would Go MIA


We knew what we were getting into when we purchased our home. It was a brand new house in a partially built community. Eight years later, construction is more than half complete and the neighborhood is well lived in. We have tree-lined streets flanked with magnolias, Bradford pears and crepe myrtles. Children play in their … [Read more…]