My Calcium Score is Zero (And Just Why is That Good?)


I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, so what I’m about to talk about is strictly my opinion, drawn from my own experiences. But all of us have heard this story—the one about the guy (or gal) who dropped dead from a heart attack in his 40s or even younger. He … [Read more…]

Five Groovy Tips for a Great Vacation


Mrs. Groovy and I are on a quest to see all fifty states. So far we’ve made it to twenty-seven of them. And although Montana is our favorite state so far, there hasn’t been a state we haven’t loved. America, for all its faults, is still a kick-ass country. I know it doesn’t always appear … [Read more…]

Oh, The Joys of Blogging with a Spouse


(A Play in One Act)  Characters: Mr. Groovy         Mid 50s, blogger, husband to Mrs. Groovy Mrs. Groovy       Mid 50s, blogger, wife to Mr. Groovy Setting:                The play takes place in Mr. and Mrs. Groovy’s home office.   Act I, Scene 1 It’s late at night. Mr. Groovy sits alone hunched over computer, typing. Groovy … [Read more…]

There’s Nothing Like a Death to Give New Meaning to Financial Independence


Any lingering doubts we had about quitting our jobs next October disappeared when Mr. Groovy’s grandmother passed away almost two weeks ago. There’s nothing like a death to give new meaning to financial independence. “Nanna” was 96 years old. She had 7 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great grandchildren. She was a sweetheart of a … [Read more…]

The Groovy Way We Celebrate Valentine’s Day


No chocolate. No roses. No diamonds or champagne. And no fancy restaurant. Nope, Mr. Groovy and I share our love all year long and don’t buy into the hype. So what’s the groovy way we celebrate Valentine’s Day? We go to Sonic! Sonic is a fast food joint where you eat in your car. First … [Read more…]