Warning – Don’t Let Them Jew You Down!


I was brought up Jewish. In New York, being Jewish is a cultural thing. When people ask me about being Jewish I say, “I know the foods—give me a bagel with a schmear or a piece of chocolate babka cake and I’m happy.” I haven’t been exposed to much anti-Semitism in New York or in North Carolina … [Read more…]

I Really Wish My HOA Would Go MIA


We knew what we were getting into when we purchased our home. It was a brand new house in a partially built community. Eight years later, construction is more than half complete and the neighborhood is well lived in. We have tree-lined streets flanked with magnolias, Bradford pears and crepe myrtles. Children play in their … [Read more…]

Five Groovy Tips for a Great Vacation


Mrs. Groovy and I are on a quest to see all fifty states. So far we’ve made it to twenty-seven of them. And although Montana is our favorite state so far, there hasn’t been a state we haven’t loved. America, for all its faults, is still a kick-ass country. I know it doesn’t always appear … [Read more…]

Oh, The Joys of Blogging with a Spouse


(A Play in One Act)  Characters: Mr. Groovy         Mid 50s, blogger, husband to Mrs. Groovy Mrs. Groovy       Mid 50s, blogger, wife to Mr. Groovy Setting:                The play takes place in Mr. and Mrs. Groovy’s home office.   Act I, Scene 1 It’s late at night. Mr. Groovy sits alone hunched over computer, typing. Groovy … [Read more…]