My Cousin Joe was Delivered to My Doorstep


  He wasn’t drunk. He was dead. In a box. In ashes.   It was 11:30 am. I was working. It was a little early for my mail carrier Patty’s arrival. But from my upstairs window next to my desk I saw her pull up. She got out of her car and walked towards the … [Read more…]

The Lighthearted Side of Personal Finance


Holy crap! I’m retiring in three weeks. And I’ve been so busy documenting my job duties for my replacement, I’ve haven’t had time this week to pen another post on my twisted financial musings. But rather than lament work’s unrelenting war on my time, and my sangfroid, I decided to end this week on a … [Read more…]

Do You Know My Good Friend Marsha?


Do you know my good friend Marsha? She’s very exuberant and encouraging. The word negativity is not even in her vocabulary. No—you don’t know her? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret—I don’t know her either. But I feel as if I know her like she’s an old pal or friend from high … [Read more…]