Will You Outlive Your Money in Retirement?


Hello, groovy freedomists. Are you still recovering from the most remarkable election in the history of the United States? We are. And nothing helps the recovery process like a good dose of sanity. Welcome our good friend, Gary, who blogs over at supersavingtips.com. Gary is a former retail executive who also worked in banking as a … [Read more…]

How To Build A Retirement Paycheck From Your Investments


Hello, groovy freedomists. Today we have the pleasure of sharing the exquisite financial mind of our good friend, Fritz, who blogs over at The Retirement Manifesto. What we love about Fritz is twofold. First, he has a very engaging writing style. He communicates to you the way good friends do when they’re hanging out in … [Read more…]

Retirement Bliss is Doing One Planned Activity a Day


Mr. Groovy and I are almost done with week two of retirement and I’m excited to share a theory with you we’ve been testing out. We’re hoping it can sustain us into our golden years. And since you’re already reading this post you know what it is—my idea of retirement bliss is doing one planned … [Read more…]