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  1. Great way to take care of things when your financial situation was favorable. As I’m also delving into the online business thing I can understand that the income can be flighty, especially if there’s a lot of concentration in a few income sources.

    • Hi John,

      Flighty is right. We have 5 different niche streams now and all sites are spread across 4 different dedicated servers for redundancy.

      We focused hard on a single niche until it was paying all the monthly bills, then we outsourced content updates on those sites and only monitored them. Then do the same on your next niche.

      Rinse repeat. Bob’s your fat uncle.


  2. Great story, Brent, thanks for sharing! Good to see you here.

    For those of you who haven’t read any of Brent’s other posts yet, I suggest you check some out. He has a knack for keeping your interest and writing good stuff!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Rick’s a wise man, Laurie. They don’t make movies like that anymore. Here’s to Eddie Shore and old-time hockey!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, Lance. Ah, the joys of geoarbitrage. I’ve been down in NC for 11 years now and I have absolutely no regrets. Yes, sophistication and happiness can be found in small town/rural America. That may not have been true 20 or 30 years ago, but with the advent of the internet, there really is no small town or rural America anymore. The Smithsonian Institute, the Grand Canyon, and the Metropolitan Opera House are all just a click away.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! It’s amazing how liberating broke can be if you are determined to change your circumstances. By saying you’re broke, you’re no longer hostage to your ego. You can drive a crummy car, bring your lunch to work, drive for Uber, and move into a smaller house or apartment. Thanks for stopping by, Erik. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

      • Shel

        “By saying you’re broke, you’re no longer hostage to your ego. You can drive a crummy car, bring your lunch to work, drive for Uber, and move into a smaller house or apartment.”

        Good stuff right there. Worthy of a blog post.

        • Mr. Groovy

          Haha! I love it, Brent. I remember reading a book by economist Walter Williams years ago, and in this book he had one of the most profound two sentences I ever read.

          “There are no such things a menial jobs. Only menial attitudes.”

  3. A great example!

    The idea of moving to an area with lower cost of living is definitely part of my early retirement game plan. With the unpredictability of the stock market, one way to reduce spending and weather stock market declines is to move to a cheaper area.

    I put geoarbitrage in my Plan C. Plan A is just steady withdrawals and ignore the market unless there is a huge decline. Plan B is reduce spending where we live now to the extent possible.

    My wife would be much less willing to move than me, so that’s why this is Plan C for now.

    • Mr. Groovy

      I hear ya about Plan C, Karl. I was very lucky. Mrs. Groovy couldn’t wait to leave New York. So your Plan C was our Plan A. As long as the Misses isn’t on board about moving, you’re better off sticking with plans A and B. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. I appreciate what you had to add to our conversation.

  4. Thanks so much for all the kind words and support Mr. and Mrs. Groovy, especially since I’m a rank newbie in the PF blogging realm.

    The word “Geoarbitrage” has interested me since I read ‘The Four Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferriss.

    However, I think the word works even better when used to describe the selling of a family’s primary residence and buying a home in a different location – all in the effort to shed debt. But what do I know…Tim’s the one with the New York Times Best Seller.

    You nailed the influence (now I feel so naked and vulnerable) Gonzo was one of my teenage heroes ever since I was 12-13 after I first read “Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72” .

    If you ever come to Saskatoon you are welcome to stay with us – just avoid the winter. That time of year we generally like to turn out the lights, put on cowboy hats, sit in the corner, eat raw meat off bones and binge watch Netflix.

    That and it’s really cold.

    See you in the Twitterverse.



    • Mr. Groovy

      My pleasure, Brent. I love your work. Are you creating something we’ll call Gonzo blogging twenty years from now? I got my fingers crossed, my friend.

  5. Too bad I already live in what seems to be the most saught after location for those moving from the expensive cities up north.

    We are considering moving to a different area of North Carolina but we won’t be able to net almost 200k of difference.

    • Mr. Groovy

      So true. Geoarbitrage is move difficult to pull off when moving from a low-cost state/area to a low-cost state/area.