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  1. A lifetime score of 62pct is awsome.

    Last year we were around 60pct.
    I sadly miss the records (and energy) to try to do a lifetime one. I plan to do it at the end of 2017.

    • Hey AT. Lifetime is hard. I went by our Social Security records for the years I didn’t have tax returns. Our 62% is definitely a little high. In college and my early 20s I had a number of jobs of the books. But I doubt that hidden income amounted to $30k. Hope all is well across the pond. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  2. My wife and I are taking the approach of the janitor who recently passed and was a multi-millionaire and nobody knew it.

    We aren’t in a position right now to retire early, but, will be able to improve our net worth significantly when we get the albatross of a monthly mortgage off our neck.

    • Hey Josh. Life is definitely easier and better when you don’t have a monthly mortgage nut. And I love the millionaire janitor approach to riches–slow and steady and under the radar.

  3. Wow that’s some volatility in your FIRE score! But awesomely high last year – killing it!
    I also liked your humility at your good fortune on the real estate. Too often people try to pass off dumb luck as skill.

    • Haha! 2015 was rough. Stock market was weak and our individual lithium stock had a rough year. I’ll have to check my numbers, but I think it was down around $25k. 2016 was just the opposite. Stock market was strong and our lithium stock was up around $50k. The market taketh and giveth.

  4. Steveark

    Very cool, almost makes me wish I was not already early retired so I could play. Or maybe not, no way I’d make the list with the heavy hitters that are already on there! It is obvious this new metric is catching FIRE…did you see what I did there.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! Very nice, Steveark. You got a delightful sense of humor. You could still calculate your FPS up to retirement. I’m sure your score will be pretty impressive as well. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thanks Mrs. AR. There are some very impressive FIRE enthusiasts out there. I got you beat for 2016. But when it comes to lifetime, I have a feeling you’re going to blow me away. I’m working on my lifetime score now. The score Fritz has for my lifetime is really for the years 2006 to 2016. Those are the years that symbolize my metamorphosis into a FIRE-minded person. Prior to 2006, I was a financial moron.

  5. Thanks for the mention!
    I like this score, but it is so dependent on investment performance. We’ve been doing very well over the last few years, but the numbers will be ugly when we get a downturn.
    Congrats on a great 2016. That’s huge gains.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Agreed. I imagine things will get very ugly sometime during the next couple of years. I don’t see how we avoid at least a 20% correction. Mrs. G and I have decided to play it very cautiously. We down to a 35/65 allocation between stocks and bonds/cash. We’ll probably be down to a 30/70 split by the end of the year. But despite being so wimpish when it comes to stocks, our portfolio is up close to $80K so far this year. And that’s largely due to the one individual stock we own, a lithium company that’s developing brine operation in Argentina. Definitely not a stock for the faint of heart. If it ever produces battery grade lithium, I’ll look like a genius. Thanks for stopping by, Joe. I really appreciate your sage admonition.

  6. 163%!!! Wow, congrats on reporting the highest score to date in “The Chain”! (and, thanks for jumping on The Chain Gang! Without even asking any questions! Wow, that’s trust!).

    Your official in as Link #8!

    Fascinating to watch the scores roll in as others join. Congrats on a great example of how the FPS score really does work, even if your path is unique (Geo-Arbitrage, anyone!).

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! Yes, 2016 was freakishly good for us. I’ll have to do an addendum to our lifetime score, however. For our FIRE-minded life, 2006 to 2016, our FPS is very commendable. Our pre-FIRE-minded score, 1960 to 2005, is not so hot. I didn’t work out the numbers last night because I got tired (I so lame, sometimes). But I have that score tomorrow. Thanks for another great chain, my friend. And I hope you have a great time with your friend tonight. Cheers.

  7. So far this year Team Waffles is killing it! Unfortunately, we have some years to make up for (oh the times before we were FIRE minded). Thanks for sharing Groovies!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Way to go, Team Waffles! We had some very lean years before we became FIRE minded as well. Are you going to join the chain? I’d love to read about your score and journey.

  8. Nice work Groovies!! It always helps having a little good fortune as the wind in your sails. I too have had some good fortune fall my way and we can’t take that for granted. But you folks certainly haven’t squandered it, you built a great life and had an impressive 11 year FIRE journey you should be very proud of.

    Thanks for sharing your FIRE Prowess and joining the chain gang!! Looking forward to meeting up Friday 🙂

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thanks, JW. Your kind words really mean a lot–especially since Mrs. G and I hold both you and Lucy in very high esteem. Looking forward to Friday as wel. I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow to firm up time and place. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. And thank you for devising the FIRE Prowess Score. It’s a great arrow in anyone’s personal finance quiver. Bravo.

  9. Nice work Groovies. You are officially on the chain. You guys did quite well this past year and a very commendable lifetime score. I have played the slow and steady score, but figure I can turn up the savings if early retirement ends up on the near horizon.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thanks, DDD. We got very lucky. Started learning about personal finance just before we had our real estate windfall. The financial gods were smiling upon us. Nothing wrong with slow and steady. That’s really the best way to go–especially if you’re young. You don’t have to rely on luck.