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  1. This is the trashiest video I’ve ever seen… I was expecting Springer to come along.

    My husband cleared out our rental house one time and took home some trash because the bins there were full. This homeless guy saw him, came up and asked him if he had a warm place to sleep tonight. Awww…

    • Somehow I missed this comment. My apologies.

      That must have been pretty weird for your husband. I don’t suppose it motivated him to up his wardrobe game?

  2. Donna

    Mr. Groovy, I know you’re from “New Yawk”, but when I read your blog posts, you always have a Carolina accent. 🙂

    • Sorry I missed this, Donna!

      Ha,ha, I’m glad you hear a North Carolina accent when you read my posts. I’d take a North Cackalacky accent over New Yawk any day.

  3. I pick up trash all of the time. I love it. 🙂 I feel like in some small way it’s my contribution to the community, too. It’s different than donating money because I can see the change.

    We’ll see you soon. Definitely looking forward to our group trash talking! 🙂

    • Mr. Groovy

      That’s what I love about picking up trash too. You walk about a quarter of a mile, turn around, and the area looks great. Just let us know when you’re coming through. I already have a number of great litter locations for us. Give my regards to Garrett. Talk to you soon.

  4. Nice work, Mr G! We’ve been talking about doing the same sort of thing. Our neighborhood, and local parks could use some clean up. Maybe I need to get one of those handy grabbers!

    It’s better to pick it up than complain about it 🙂

    • Mr. Groovy

      Exactly, Mr. CK. And what I found during my years in government is that once you start policing an area on a regular schedule, it attracts fewer and fewer scraps of litter going forward. In other words, people are less likely to discard a soda can when there’s no litter in sight. When litter abounds, however, it sends the message that no body cares about this particular area, and people are more likely to discard a soda can. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  5. Alicia

    Love that you are doing this. I don’t blog, but I do pick up trash on my county road. If you are back in Alabama you can pick up trash with me. Also, word of warning, be careful with plastic discarded bottles. Unfortunately they may contain the tenants of “shake and bake” meth. There’s some scary stuff on our roadsides.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Oh, gosh. Thanks for the info, Alicia. Just did an internet search on “sake and bake” meth. Scary stuff, indeed. I’ll be on my guard the next time I’m in the Yellowhammer State.

      P.S. A few years ago we spent a week in Birmingham. Each day we made a different day trip (Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, etc.). We had a blast. It was actually one of the best vacations we ever had.

  6. ha Nice !I also read Financial Panther. He finds trash treasure and sells it. Does pretty well too. Thanks for making the world a cleaner place!


    • Mr. Groovy

      Love the Financial Panther. But I wasn’t aware of his trash-to-cash hobby/side hustle. I got to do some binge reading on this site today. Thanks for stopping by, Brian. Always great hearing from you.

  7. Well a Hollywood block-buster it ain’t Mr Groovy but, and to use a rather dorky analogy, since most of the content coming out of the movie studios these days is trash, you could be onto something here.

    Good on you for being so civic minded though.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! You are so right. Here’s one for you. About a month or so ago I saw a YouTube clip of a guy driving around in his car looking for a job. It was fascinating. Of course, the quality was crappy, but I’d rather watch him than Sean Hannity or Wolf Blitzer. I’m so tired of corporate media. And I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way. Thanks for stopping by, Martin. Always a pleasure.

  8. That’s really cool that you are recruiting some blogger friends to pick up litter with you. I definitely remember when my cousin and I use to pick up litter and clean up the park but our place. It was definitely therapeutic and I always felt good afterwards 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Mr. Groovy

      The PF blogger community truly is awesome. I’ve never come across a more helpful and magnanimous bunch. I’m seriously considering winding across America next year and having a litter-picking up tour that any blogger is welcome to join. It would be a blast.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Imagine if this became a thing! If PF bloggers started picking up litter all over America, it could inspire a nation. It might even be bigger than Pokemon Go.

  9. I love this! In future videos you’ll have to talk about some of the items you’re picking up, if any happen to be odd.

    Also got a good laugh at Mrs. G trying to stay out of the shot 🙂

    Thanks for always leading by example!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Agreed. I’m sure I’ll come across some very interesting items. It’s amazing what people discard.

  10. Love it, Mr. Groovy! You have inspired me once again. Litter pisses me off! If you guys ever drive through Iowa (cause people rarely stop and stay in Iowa – though you’re welcome to stay with me) I’d love to go pick some trash with you!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Aw, that’s awesome, Amanda. It’s a date. We’re thinking of a driving trip from Kansas City to Omaha to Des Monines in the next few years. Would that work? Are you anywhere near Des Monines?

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, how’d you like the Mrs. Groovy two-step? If I moved that fast as a young man, I would have played shortstop for the New York Mets. Can’t wait to get out to Big Sky country. Our litter-picking adventure is going to be epic.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thanks, MSF. I really appreciate it. It’s a fun idea. Let’s see what happens. I can’t wait to start picking up litter with fellow bloggers.

  11. You might not be aware, but “garbage truck videos for kids” is a thing on YouTube (search that term and look at the view counts on those videos!). I’ve got a boy that’s into big machinery and loves to watch these videos. He watched your first vlog with me today. He also asked to watched it again a few hours later 😂 You might be tapping into a new demographic here!

    Loved the video. Glad you got your equipment to work. I loved watching Mrs. G dance around trying to stay out of frame, that made me smile. Looking forward to see where this leads, and you can put me down as one that wants to be a guest at some point!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I love it. Now I got to make sure I watch my language. And I had no idea about the garbage truck meme. Pretty damn cool. Mrs. G and I checked out the garbage truck videos for kids and were floored. We also came across of bunch of videos of toddlers befriending garbage men. Very touching. Thanks for stopping by, Ty. You made my week, my friend.

      • That warms my heart, mostly because I can see my own son in there. He has been fascinated with heavy machinery, tractors, industrial buildings, etc. ever since he was big enough to express himself. It’s in his DNA. You’re officially “The Groovy Garbageman” in the Roberts household because of your new vlog 😂 and you’ve now got TWO fans here in Washington!

        • Mr. Groovy

          Yeah, there’s something about huge trucks that just fascinates little boys. My mother said she used to take me and my brother to construction sites just to shut us up. Again, Ty, you made my week. I’ll wear the “Groovy Garbageman” moniker as a badge of honor. Have a great weekend, my friend, and give my regards to Luke.

    • Mr. Groovy

      My personal assault on litter has begun. Sadly, it’s going to be a long, arduous campaign. Thanks for stopping by, AT. Always a pleasure, my friend.

  12. Good to see your bird legs. 🙂 What East Coast accent? Great stuff Mr.G. Doing great work for the community and a little quality time with yourself. 🙂 nothing better than that.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! The bird legs have made their public debut. I’m looking to get up to Long Island in August. If I do, are you game for an appearance on Talking Trash? We’ll have a lot of material to work with. LIE, Sunrise Hwy, Hempstead Tpke–the possibilities are endless.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thank you, Amy. I appreciate it. My accent is definitely unique. And, of course, one way or another, whether it’s in Michigan or North Carolina, we’re picking up trash together.

  13. I love you guys!! And I love the image of Mr Groovy not only picking up trash but to bystanders he is also talking to himself while doing so. Hysterical!! I am happy to pick up trash with you anytime. If you swing by Chicago I even have a place for you to stay. Just let me know when. 🙂 Great work, Groovy’s!!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I definitely got some looks. My real worry was the park employees. I felt for sure that one of them was going to come over and ask me why I was picking up litter. Whew. Thankfully they were too busy working on the ball fields. And, yes!, you are definitely picking up trash with me when Mrs. Groovy and I roll into Chicago. Talk about a dream vacation. Visit Wrigley Field, eat deep dish pizza, and pick up trash with Miss Mazuma. Life is good.

      • Oh my goodness!! Tell me when. I’ll tell you where the GOOD deep dish is…not the touristy version. 😉 My condo is within walking distance to Wrigley (1 mile) and the place is sitting vacant! Come on up!!

        • Mr. Groovy

          I gather you’re not a fan of Lou Malnati’s. You’re in a perfect location. It sounds so tempting. Let me work on Mrs. G.

  14. LOVE THIS!!! I can see an entire series built on this theme. Philosophical, musings while picking up trash! Then, throw in the Travel Aspect (Montana, N Georgia, etc).

    Gotta ask – how did you wear your phone to keep your hands free? I love the look! And, the enticement of seeing those legs! I feel like we know 1/4 of the Groovies (knees down!).

    Great stuff! Congrats on your first VLog, and DEFINITELY something you have to build on!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, Fritz. Were you a fan of SCTV at all? There was a great skit with John Candy called the “Fishin’ Musician.” Rock bands from all over the world would go to the Scuttle Butt Lodge to shoot the breeze with the Fishin’ Musician. Well, that’s how I kind of envision Talking Trash with Mr. Groovy. Bloggers from all over the world get together with me to pick up litter for a half hour. Now, I’m not saying that Talking Trash will ever be as sought after as an appearance on Stacking Benjamins or So Money, but it could be a lot of fun. Looking forward to making N. Georgia a little cleaner in the near future. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. Cheers.

      • Mr. G is using a phone harness we got from Amazon. He says the way it goes on is sort of like a Manzeer, LOL. I’ll get the link from my account and email it to you.

  15. SJ

    I hope you get lots of positive feedback for this. It’s empowering to see. We are generally all so stuck on securing our piece of the pie that we often fail to see what the pie is made up of… stocks, bonds and real estate… do you really want your real estate to be trashy? No! We will do this too.. every Saturday morning this summer I’ll drag my husband out of bed and we’ll hit our disgusting public transit center and get to work. Thanks for posting this.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Wow! That’s awesome, SJ. You and your husband are super cool. If we all took it upon ourselves to care for just a small part of the public square, it would send so many positive messages. We care. We don’t want our neighborhood looking like crap. No one’s above doing mundane, unglamorous work. It’s amazing what a few hours picking up litter can accomplish.

  16. LOL, love the East Coast accent!! Rick forces us to watch This Old House every week and our favorite part is listening to the guys say words like “littuh”. 🙂

    By the way, our kids would love your “fashionable” holey jeans. 🙂

    “There’s no such thing as menial jobs; only menial attitudes.” LOVE IT!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I cringe when I hear myself talk. But I guess there’s no avoiding that when your dad is from New York and your mom is from Boston.