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  1. My biggest problem with going to a gym, which I think goes for many other women, is — HAIR! Just to leave the house we have to style it. Due to the frizz factor after a gym workout we have to style it again. Which brings up a secondary problem — locker room facilities. No privacy, lack of mirror-space. Who needs it? I managed to fit a small work-out bench and an exercise bike in my 400 sf apartment in NYC just to avoid the gym.

  2. I also have a treadmill I use as a clothes rack, it’s the most expensive rack I’ve ever owned! 😀

    Kidding aside, I don’t use the treadmill because I’d rather be jogging outside.

    I’m also a big fan of working out at home, I do it almost on a daily basis.
    A set of dumbbells, a stationary bike and a yoga mat is all I need 🙂 Almost forgot about the jumping rope! (thank goodness we don’t have any neighbors downstairs!)

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, Adriana! Jumping rope is fantastic. I started getting into it just the past few weeks. Can you do a double under? Haven’t even attempted that yet. I’m too scared.

      • Double under? Psh. Criss-cross is where it’s at.

        And I don’t really jump rope, but probably should since I keep spraining my ankle. Couldn’t hurt to focus on the muscles around it!

  3. I don’t work out at home because we don’t have space. We live in a one-bedroom condo and no space for the equipment. Working out at the gym is much easier for me.
    I don’t think motivation really the issue. The real secret is to schedule it into your day. Once you’ve got the routine down, it become automatic. Well, I guess you need the motivation to get started.

    • When I had a one bedroom and no space in a city, I still kept dumbbells and a door-frame pull-up bar around. Admittedly, they didn’t get much use since they were kind of limiting as far as variation goes. So I had a $10/month gym membership back then, and it’s certainly sensible in the right situation.

      • We’re in that same boat too. So we’ll be keeping our gym membership. But working out is going to be our new “job” too. I just read Younger Next Year and the focus is on two serious days of lifting (and four days of cardio) each week. A minimum of 45 minutes. Looks like you have that covered!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Excellent point, Joe. It’s hard to have a lot of equipment in a one-bedroom condo. I’ve been doing a lot of ring exercises over the past few years. Where do you put rings in a house or an apartment? If I didn’t have a garage, I would have never part a set of rings.