Five Groovy Tips for a Great Vacation


Mrs. Groovy and I are on a quest to see all fifty states. So far we’ve made it to twenty-seven of them. And although Montana is our favorite state so far, there hasn’t been a state we haven’t loved. America, for all its faults, is still a kick-ass country. I know it doesn’t always appear … [Read more…]

Average Returns Are Awesome


If I told you I worked in the fast food industry and I made the average salary, you would likely pity me. And for good reason. The average full-time fast food worker makes between 15k and 19.5k annually. Not exactly living la vida loca money. But suppose I made an average salary and was employed, … [Read more…]

Freedom Countdown: T Minus Six Months!


Only six months to go! In early October we’ll leave the 9 to 5 world behind us. At eight months out I did a post describing how reality is starting to set in. I also made a timeline of things we needed to get done in preparation. I won’t recount what’s on that list; you … [Read more…]

When In Doubt, Are You In or Are You Out?


I got the idea for this post when Mr. Groovy and I were taking one of our daily walks. We were listening to an episode of the Financial Rockstar with Scott Alan Turner, where a listener wrote in for advice. He described a “meeting” he was invited to by an acquaintance. When he arrived he learned it … [Read more…]