The Answer-To-Everything Syndrome


Here’s a weird question for you. Do you happen to know anyone who always has the answers, but never has the solution? Let me explain. I have a dear friend who has struggled financially his whole adult life. But no matter what I’ve suggested to improve his situation, he always has an answer for why … [Read more…]

I’m Grateful for My Brand-Spanking New LiftMaster


I’m grateful for my brand-spanking new LiftMaster. But if you think I’m trying out a new butt-tightening machine or taking up power-lifting, let me ease your mind. The LiftMaster is our new garage door opener. Isn’t she a beauty? Lightning struck our garage last week. It also nailed a tree just beyond our front yard. … [Read more…]

Why Aren’t You Living in a Trailer?


Calling all millennials. Calling all millennials. Why aren’t you living in trailer parks? I know this is a rather bizarre question to direct towards our beloved millennials, but hear me out. I did a quick Craigslist search of cheap rentals in my area, and, by far, the cheapest options were trailers. Pictured below is one … [Read more…]

Minor League Baseball Warms the Cockles of My Heart


Maybe it’s the lights. Maybe it’s the bright green hue of the ball field. Or maybe it’s the mascot strolling through the stands, waving at the crowd, and posing for photos with the little kids. But there’s something about minor league baseball that warms the cockles of my heart. And recently we’ve had many opportunities … [Read more…]

Reflections of a Financial Tough Guy


When I was growing up on Long Island in the late 1970s, my favorite band was a local bar band called the Good Rats. And without a doubt, my favorite Rat song was Tough Guys. If you care to listen to the song that greatly stimulated my fifteen-year-old brain, here it is. Admittedly, the Rats aren’t for … [Read more…]