A Jewish Wife’s Perspective on Christmas


Follow my blog with Bloglovin As a kid, I was always lonely around Christmas-time. Growing up Jewish, I felt I was sitting on the sidelines of a major event celebrated by the rest of the world. Oh, my family lit the menorah and we exchanged gifts for Hanukkah, but Hanukkah just isn’t Christmas. Then there … [Read more…]

Boycott “Holiday” Spending


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Sorry about this guys. I’m not Mr. Groovy today. I’m Mr. Curmudgeon. I want you to boycott “Holiday” spending. Here’s why. Mindful spending is about spending wisely. If you’re behind on the retirement preparation front, have loads of credit card debt, and live paycheck to paycheck, you shouldn’t be buying … [Read more…]

Real Adults Plan For Death


Anyone can reach chronological adulthood. You celebrate your 18th birthday and whoopee! But real adults know adulthood comes with responsibilities, such as protecting themselves and their loved ones from worst case scenarios (sh*t does happen, after all). And what is worse than death, aside from public speaking? Real adults, then, don’t shy away from their … [Read more…]