Freedom Countdown: T Minus Six Months!


Only six months to go! In early October we’ll leave the 9 to 5 world behind us. At eight months out I did a post describing how reality is starting to set in. I also made a timeline of things we needed to get done in preparation. I won’t recount what’s on that list; you … [Read more…]

When In Doubt, Are You In or Are You Out?


I got the idea for this post when Mr. Groovy and I were taking one of our daily walks. We were listening to an episode of the Financial Rockstar with Scott Alan Turner, where a listener wrote in for advice. He described a “meeting” he was invited to by an acquaintance. When he arrived he learned it … [Read more…]

Are You Overtaxed?


It’s almost April. And the taxman will expect you to reconcile your tax bill soon. Have you overpaid or underpaid on your 2015 tax obligation? If you overpaid, you gave the taxman an interest-free loan. If you underpaid, you better have the money to make the taxman whole. Ah, the price we pay for civilization! … [Read more…]

Can the Craft Economy Fill the Void?


I worry about the future of middle-class jobs. What’s going to fill the void between a fast-food worker and a Wall Street quant? What jobs are going to be immune to outsourcing and able to support a middle-class lifestyle? Factory jobs aren’t going to cut it. Environmental regulations and robots will make sure that factory … [Read more…]