The Groovy Investing Process (Don’t Chase Results!)


I’m a big fan of Barry Ritholtz. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he’s the Chief Investment Officer of an asset management firm he founded and a frequent contributor to Bloomberg View and the Washington Post. He also has a blog called, The Big Picture.  In his most recent WaPo contribution, he discusses the difference … [Read more…]

Freedom Countdown: T Minus Eight Months

It’s finally starting to feel real, folks. Mr. Groovy and I are quitting our jobs in early October. Since we set the date a few months ago we’ve been in a holding pattern. But now that freedom is eight months away, it’s time to prepare for a smooth transition. Here’s an outline of the steps … [Read more…]

Mr. Groovy’s Guide on How To Get Fit


Here’s my guide on how to get fit. Or, better yet, here’s how I have managed to get and stay fit. Steve at Think $ave Retire recently had a great post discussing the limited value of how-to guides. The steps that worked for the how-to guide writer probably won’t work for you. To achieve something audacious, … [Read more…]

Go Curry Cracker is Making Me Crackers!


Last week wasn’t good. First, two of my favorite bloggers, Steve and Courtney of Think $ave Retire were featured in Forbes. Early retirement for them will mean selling their two homes, buying an RV, and traveling the country. Forbes found this very intriguing, and so do I. “Damn it,” I said to myself. “I want to do that.” … [Read more…]