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Is An Emergency Fund Beyond ,000 Overkill?3/22/201748
Dad’s Socks3/17/201742
The Back Door Junior IRA3/15/201738
A New Low for Stacking Benjamins3/10/201720
I’m Not a Man of the People, I’m a Snob3/8/201765
A Groovy Book Review: High School Money Hacks3/3/201733
On Becoming an Opportunity Slut – Part 23/1/201732
Six Ways to Become an Opportunity Slut2/24/201768
How to Survive Expensive Urban Life2/21/201757
Government Spending: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid2/17/201741
5 Steps To Take Within 5 Years of Retirement2/8/201742
The Real Culture War2/1/201765
Six Horrifying Truths No One Tells You About Retirement1/27/201781
A Sweet Transvestite’s Guide to Personal Finance1/24/201742
I’m Not a Bum, I’m a Human Being1/20/201748
How Much of Your Portfolio Do You Really Own?1/16/201756
The Groovy Secret to Growing Your Net Worth1/9/201764
The 10 Things You Need to Do Daily to Become Financially Independent1/4/201790
Groovy Blog Stuff from Our Groovy Year 201612/30/201674
A Groovy Christmas to All12/23/201622
Three Simple Steps You Can Take Right Now to Protect Your Finances12/20/201626
How to Become a Personal Responsibility Warrior in Five Steps12/16/201640
Personal Finance and Ethics12/14/201636
Why the Aroma of Coffee Reminds Me of Money12/9/201638
The Government Isn’t Going to Save You12/6/201644
Prepare for Impact: You’re 55-Years-Old and Broke12/2/201643
I Dropped the Ball on Thanksgiving! (Luckily My Friends Picked it Up)11/29/201634
Are You FI-Curious?11/23/201639
Am I the Only Loser Who Hasn’t Given a TEDx Talk?11/21/201635
Obamacare Here We Come11/18/201627
Meat Pies at the Chevron Station: Retirement Kickoff Road Trip11/15/201642
Will You Outlive Your Money in Retirement?11/11/201625
The Burden of Gifts11/8/201636
How To Build A Retirement Paycheck From Your Investments11/4/201629
Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins Bug Me11/3/201648
Pick a Path, and Make it YOURS11/1/201642
Retirement Bliss is Doing One Planned Activity a Day10/28/201643
How Not To Be A Lazy Slob10/25/201649
I Don’t Know Diddly Squat10/21/201640
Epilogue: Mr. Phone’s Execution Went Smashingly Well!10/18/201634
FI Gothic10/14/201678
Dead Phone Walking10/11/201641
If No One from the Fab Five Steps Up, the Groovy Two are Screwed10/7/201632
Going Down the ACA and COBRA Insurance Rabbit Hole10/4/201641
I Hope Pfau, Kitces, and Collins Know What the Hell They’re Talking About9/30/201637
My Cousin Joe was Delivered to My Doorstep9/27/201643
The Lighthearted Side of Personal Finance9/23/201640
Should You Start an I-May-Die-Sooner-Than-I-Think Fund?9/20/201650
Do You Know My Good Friend Marsha?9/18/201618
Why Aren’t You Married?9/15/201636
Did I Flunk My Own Positivity Challenge?9/9/201646
A College Degree for Under 8 Grand in 12 Months?9/7/201633
Are You Ignoring the Key Gauges on Your Financial Dashboard?9/2/201633
Eight rather than Ten Reasons Not to Get a Bachelor’s Degree8/30/201650
One Year of Blogging: Our Reflections and Thanks8/26/201663
Financial Independence and Being a Righteous Mofo8/23/201648
How Much False Wealth Is In Your Life?8/19/201644
The Laser-Focus Positivity Challenge8/16/201632
How to Become a Financial Stud Overnight8/12/201649
The Five Most Disturbing Results from the Student Loan Borrower Survey8/10/201631
Why Aren’t You Turning Japanese?8/5/201626
Freedom Countdown Two Months, and I Love New York (Sort of)8/2/201632
The Answer-To-Everything Syndrome7/29/201626
I’m Grateful for My Brand-Spanking New LiftMaster7/22/201628
Why Aren’t You Living in a Trailer?7/20/201640
Minor League Baseball Warms the Cockles of My Heart7/15/201630
Reflections of a Financial Tough Guy7/13/201625
Don’t Get Sucked into the “What-If” Game7/8/201631
Financial Success without Freedom is a Hollow Victory at Best7/5/201628
I’m Engaged to be Retired!7/1/201636
Geoarbitrage and Financial Independence6/28/201625
A Financial Sherlock Holmes I Was Not6/24/201623
Don’t Be A Method Actor When It Comes To Your Finances6/21/201620
Wealth 101 and the Power of Stigma6/15/201617
What’s the Secret Formula for Choosing a Wedding Gift?6/10/201628
Hear Mr. and Mrs. Groovy Speak6/8/201610
I Screwed Up!6/6/201614
Where the Heck Did All This Money Come From?6/3/201630
FREEDOM Was Made for Me and You (Freedom Countdown: T Minus Four Months)6/1/201614
Thank You5/30/20164
College: Crony Socialism at Its Worst5/27/201612
Be a Blogger, Be a Blessing5/25/201627
Frugal Ways to Get a College Degree5/23/201620
Government Can’t Save You from Compound Stupidity5/18/201624
The Ten Commandments of Personal Finance5/13/201621
Are You a Flaming Idiot When it Comes to Your Finances?5/10/201620
We Overspent and We Liked It!5/5/201622
How to Be a Superhero at Work5/3/20168
Warning – Don’t Let Them Jew You Down!4/28/201627
The Hannibal Lecter Guide to Personal Finance4/26/201640
Workplace Acronyms: The Bane of My Existence4/22/201620
I Really Wish My HOA Would Go MIA4/20/201618
Can the Junior IRA Be Part of the Future Social Security Infrastructure?4/18/20166
My Calcium Score is Zero (And Just Why is That Good?)4/15/201615
Five Groovy Tips for a Great Vacation4/13/201615
Average Returns Are Awesome4/8/201620
Freedom Countdown: T Minus Six Months!4/6/201614
One and a Half Awesome Benefits of Being Income Poor But Asset Rich4/4/201617
When In Doubt, Are You In or Are You Out?3/31/201612
Are You Overtaxed?3/28/201613
Can the Craft Economy Fill the Void?3/24/201619
Oh, The Joys of Blogging with a Spouse3/21/201620
Don’t Make the Job of Those Who Want to Help You Harder3/17/20164
Stumbling Toward Financial Independence: The Story of Mr. and Mrs. Groovy3/15/201623
Can We Build Better Men?3/11/201617
There’s Nothing Like a Death to Give New Meaning to Financial Independence3/9/201618
Financial Advice to Young People: Don’t Be DICKs3/7/201644
4 Really Stupid Attempts at Frugality2/29/201610
The Junior IRA: A Great Way to Help Our Children and Bypass the Compassion Pimps and Scum-Sucking Parasites2/23/20166
Here Rests the Inventor of the Junior IRA2/19/201610
How to Make Dishwashing Detergent in Five Minutes2/17/201614
The Housing Downsize Challenge2/15/201619
Wanna Start A Business? Good Freakin’ Luck!2/12/20169
The Groovy Way We Celebrate Valentine’s Day2/10/201612
Being Half Mustachean Ain’t Too Bad2/8/201620
Mrs. Groovy on Marriage: Listen Up, Ladies!2/5/201622
The Groovy Investing Process (Don’t Chase Results!)2/2/201617
Freedom Countdown: T Minus Eight Months2/1/201612
Mr. Groovy’s Guide on How To Get Fit1/29/201620
Go Curry Cracker is Making Me Crackers!1/23/201616
Am I About To Become A Teat-Sucking Layabout?1/20/201617
Secrets of the Weird-Wealthy (Or Would You Rather be Normal-Poor?)1/18/201610
The Higher Education Business Model Sucks The Big One1/15/20166
2015 Year In Review – Spending1/13/20166
2015 Year In Review – Investing and Net Worth1/11/20160
Three Simple Tips for Saving Money on your Cat1/8/20162
My New Year’s Resolution: Become A Better Investor1/5/20166
Finding The “Big Magic” In Our Lives12/31/20158
Congress Should Create the Junior IRA12/28/20158
What Will I Do With Myself In Retirement12/16/201518
How To Become A Luck Magnet12/10/20158
A Jewish Wife’s Perspective on Christmas12/4/20154
Boycott “Holiday” Spending11/30/20152
Real Adults Plan For Death11/25/20156
Five Things That Are More Hype Than Substance11/16/201513
The Groovy Way to Lower the Cost of College11/9/20152
Checkout Charity Really Ticks Me Off!11/5/201518
Five Reasons Why it’s Great to be Debt Free11/1/201518
Need to Save Money? Have No Friends!10/26/201510
My Stab at Obamacare Optimization10/23/20152
Financial Independence and Politics10/19/201515
Top 10 Reasons Why I Shop With A Grocery App10/15/20153
Can Tiny Houses Solve the Retirement Crisis?10/14/20152
Government Sucks – Part 210/6/20150
Take the Spartan Challenge!10/2/20154
How to Start Working Out Your Saving Muscles9/29/20153
Buying a Second Home?9/25/201510
Government Sucks – Part 19/24/20156
Beware the Compassion Industrial Complex9/14/20156
Government Sucks – A Series9/10/20150
Uber: The Undocumented Cab Company9/4/20156
No-Nonsense DIY Expense Tracker9/2/20154
Lending Club and Risk Taking8/29/201512
How to Improve your Finances: Be Boring8/27/20158
Best Home Gym You’ll Ever Need, and for Under a Hundred Bucks8/21/20156
Hillary Clinton: Archconservative8/19/20150
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