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  1. This all sounds so great Erith! I love the idea of spending 4 – 6 weeks in one place. Thanks for sharing with us here on the Groovies site. I’ll look forward to hearing about your upcoming trip on yours once you’re back. 😉

  2. Thank you Erith! Living like a local for a month in Europe (and elsewhere) is exactly what I’m hoping to do, and it sounds quite doable from your post.

    Alas with the kids in school, we’re a decade away at least. Or maybe a few more years until they’re older and can fend for themselves… 🙂

    • Thanks Working Optional, it is indeed very doable. The costs of living are often cheaper than at home, but we also eat out more, so it balances out. So the real costs are the flights and the apartment. I wish I had started it earlier….

    • Hi Amber Tree,
      Slow travel is what it is really all about. We used to feel rushed with just a few days in a city – you get to see the big tourist sites, but don’t discover the tiny restaurant just down the road.
      When you are there for several weeks, you also relax. You don’t feel you ‘have’ to do stuff just because you are there.

  3. This sounds absolutely amazing! Slow travel is the name of the FIRE game for us. Have fun in Madrid. Definitely check out Street XO for a delicious (and not frugal) meal!

    • Mr. Groovy

      It does sound amazing. I gather you’ve been to Madrid before. Part of me is very intrigued with Spain. I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona and Madrid, but for some reason Valencia has piqued my interest. Have you been there?

      • Yes to all of those places. Spain is awesome. I’ve been to Madrid, Barcelona, Segovia, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, Estepona, Punta Umbria and Salamanca. My favorite being Cordoba. Would love love love to go back to Spain!

  4. Sounds awesome. You are living my retirement dream to many extent. I always talk with my wife about moving from city to city, living there for a month or two, and seeing the world that way. She is ready to go with me but first we have to raise our son (only 16 more years to go!).

    • Great idea, DDD.
      I need to work on my husband to get him to agree to multiple city trips, one after the other. It really makes sense, I’ll think about doing a trip like that in South America, or indeed USA. We could do 3 or 4 on a 6 month visa.

  5. Ahhh, I definitely wouldn’t mind living in Europe, with so many great travel destinations so close together. 🙂 Although we did live in Germany when I was young, so I know it’s very different from life that we’re spoiled to here in the U.S.! I want to take Mr. Picky Pincher to Belgium and I’ve had to break it to him that ketchup and ice water aren’t always a thing lol.

    I guess my concern with FIRE abroad is that it can be more expensive to live in Europe compared to destinations here in the U.S. It just depends on what your priorities are.

    • Mr. Groovy

      So true, Mrs. PP. The glory of Europe is that so many fascinating countries are just a short train ride or flight away. A traveler’s dream.

    • Hi Mrs PP. We are indeed spoilt with so much variety. You’re right about the ketchup, but we’re getting better on the iced water… Denmark amazed our kids, they got mayonnaise on their fries!
      The US is a lot cheaper than UK to live, but some other parts of Europe maybe compare better.

  6. Great to see my friend, Erith, hanging with my friends, The Groovies! You’re certainly setting the bar high for us, Erith. I love how you rent a place for a month to “live like a local” in a different country each year. A real benefit to living in Europe, for sure! Nice seeing you here, and reading about your journeys! I hope to meet you on the shores of the Irish Sea at some point in our retirement!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I thought I had Europe out of my system until Erith’s guest post. Man, she makes a month in Barcelona or Madrid look appealing. I’m with you, Brad. I may have to revise my bucket list.

    • A whole year of travelling and visiting loads of countries would be awesome.
      One to think about. There’s no real reason why we keep returning to base. Laptop, phone and wi-fi are all we really need.