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  1. Great list, sir! I’ll have to check these out.

    I’d have to argue in Pete’s defense, that he does publish his annual expenses down to the penny, and despite his extra blog income, he keeps it real. Sure doesn’t hurt to have a safety margin like his…. At any rate, every reader should take every blog with a grain of salt. Get inspired, do your homework, and figure out what’s best for your situation. The math don’t lie.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, MNLIBTYNL. Fair point. I haven’t been to Pete’s site in a while. So it’s good to know that while he has a very nice backdrop, he’s still living a very FIRE lifestyle. That warms the cockles of my heart. There is hope for our seriously flawed species. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. I really appreciate it.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Tanja definitely nailed it. Very insightful. Thanks for stopping by, Ms99to1. And thanks for thinking about me. I look forward to be inspired again.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Mr. Groovy! I love the idea of a remote recording of Talking Trash! Maybe Jaime and I could record one once she’s on her feet again!

    I totally agree with Tanja’s point – it’s tough for us to get a true sample in the blogging works because most people who are FIRE and blogging are wisely monetizing to some degree.

    I’m excited to check out Million in 10 to see a pure example!

  3. WOW, (pun intended- you can thank Fritz for that) I love that we inspired you. To be honest, watching your Talking Trash videos actually made me more aware of all the trash that we see while out running or on the beach and actually inspired me that we need to do something about it. Can’t promise that our remote episode will be any good, but we will be doing something good for the environment and I reckon we will also have a lot of fun doing it too. Really looking forward to it!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Agreed, Mrs. WoW. Now that I’m picking up trash regularly, I more aware of how widespread it is. It seems every main thoroughfare I traverse these days is a suitable candidate for a Talking Trash episode. Sigh. Can’t wait for our remote Talking Trash. I’ll talk to you about it at the end of this week. Hope all is well in beautiful LA. Cheers.

  4. Ooh I didn’t know about Maarten’s blog, thank you for the heads up. I never even considered Our Next Life’s thinking. Famous fire bloggers can probably fire all over again, easy.

    I think your trash talk vlogs were very clever. Both format and length. I tap out at 30 minutes in terms of my MTV attention span. $149 for…what!!! Oh jeez, well I guess 1.5% withdrawal rate warrants it 🙂

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, Lily. Yes, $149 was steep. And to make matters worse, they kind of trick you into paying that amount. First, they allow you to download a trial version for 15 days. But they don’t tell you the trial version is the “Pipeline” version, their most robust piece of software. I played with the trial version for a couple of days and figured out how to make my avatar speak. Since I liked the result of my handiwork, I asked Mrs. G if we could buy the software. She agreed and we bought the least robust version, the “Standard” version, figuring that that version had to have all the features found in the trial version. Anyway, the Standard version cost $59, and it turned out that it didn’t have the talking animation feature. To get the talking animation feature, you had to upgrade to the “Pro” version. The Pro version costs $179. But because I was upgrading from the Standard version, it “only” cost an additional $90. Aaarrrggghhh! They got me. The only bright side to this story is that I have the right to download the Pro version software 5 times. Presumably, then, I could share the software with others. Thanks for stopping by, Lily. It’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

  5. Great stuff here Mr. Groovy! Chris is the nicest guy, so glad I was able to hang with him a bit at FinCon.

    Love the bathroom idea but I’ll stick to making my own food.

    Looking forward to talking trash with the real Mr. Groovy someday soon, but Mr. MSD and I sure had some fun trying.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Absolutely! Mrs. Groovy got to speak to Chris one night during FinCon. He’s definitely the real deal. And so are you, by the way. Can’t wait to hand you the golden picker. Have a great weekend, Amy. Talk to you soon.

  6. Hey, you make us sound so shallow, like all we care about is waffles and beer?!?!

    I mean what about all the other things? Like football, stupid memes and shenanigans?

    We’re super looking forward to making this work. Mrs Wow saw your video and made me watch it and we couldn’t stop. Maybe a little of a “train wreck” scenario, but we loved it none the less.

    You might have just created a new tag line for us, “The road to FI, paved with waffles and beer.”

  7. Hey Groovy’s!! Thanks for introducing me to Maartens blog. I realize a ton of “retired” bloggers still make income so it is nice to see the other side. Of course, that isn’t to say that making money in retirement is a bad thing – I am ALL FOR IT – but when you aren’t yet FIRE’d it is nice to see what it may actually look like. Now, here’s to hoping all this writing turns into something I can count on in ReFIREment!! 🙂

    PS – I love the WOW’s too!!

  8. frank

    Same here Mr. Groovy. Yeah, I saved, and did well. But without my government pension, I’d be living in a van or eating oatmeal 3 times a day.

    Thanks for the links to the blogs. You never know what others can teach us!


  9. Wow, Thank you for those kinds words. I’m both honored and flattered.

    Still working hard on keeping the retirement alive (that is working without work associated income).

    Instead of living large from affiliate income (trust me, I wouldn’t mind), I’m currently shuffling funds via the Roth IRA Conversion ladder to keep funds flowing for the next 12 years

    • Mr. Groovy

      My pleasure, Maarten. Mrs. G and I really admire you and your work. And your blog is pretty nifty as well. We love the Roth conversion updates, the 3-D printing stories, and the deep dives into our perilous healthcare system. Thanks for stopping by, my friend. And thanks for being an inspiration. Cheers.

  10. My animator/cartoonist/gaming daughter will get SUCH a kick out of this! LOVE the new format, Mr. G! “As I get older…..my tolerance for germs is becoming thinner….”

    Me too! What is that about??

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, Laurie. Yeah, years ago I could go into a diner and see some big hairy sweaty guy on the grill and not blink an eye. Now when I go into places and the cooking staff looks a little “edgy,” I leave. And I’m glad you brought up your daughter. I may have a need for her artistic talents in the near future. I’ll shoot you an email with my thoughts. Have a great weekend, Laurie. Always great hearing from you.

      • LOL, I always thought I was becoming a food snob because of my rising disdain for sweaty grill guys. Maybe I’m just becoming a germ snob. 🙂 Sounds great about Maddie. Mrs. G can tell you where to find me. 🙂

  11. I definitely agree that Mr. Money Mustache is awesome but when he started raking in the dough it made it a little harder believing every word. Especially when he bought that huge new building for Mr. MMM activities.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I forgot all about his building. Yeah, Mr. MM has lost a lot of relevance. And that’s not a put down. His healthcare premiums could triple, and he’d still be cruising along. But for anyone trying to live by the 4% rule, such a jump in healthcare costs would be devastating. Thanks for stopping by, MSM. Have a great weekend.

    • Ron Cameron

      I know it’s easy to think “now that MMM is rolling in dough he’s less believable”, but I don’t. If he was making $160k +/- a year pre-FIRE and only spending $30k, I don’t think much will change if he’s now making $400k. If extra money was going to “change him”, it would have changed him before he started the blog! Having said that, his ideas are still top notch and valid.

      I actually know of a guy that picks up trash on the side of a the road like a bum – if he was suddenly “wealthy and retired” he’d still probably keep doing that. Crazy, I tell you!

      • Mr. Groovy

        Excellent point, Ron. Mr. Money Mustache is to be commended for not letting money corrupt him. He still lives a rather spartan life. In other words, he travels far more often by bicycle than by limousine. And I love the trash guy you discovered. Sometimes crazy is good. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.