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  1. Ha, love the first video the most. Makes me remember why I have never gotten a tattoo. I ride my Harley with a group of bikers and they have a ton of tats. Always explaining what they mean, just to think a tattoo could get me killed is enough reason not to have one.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! Agreed, Craig. I wasn’t planning on getting a tattoo anytime soon. But now that Big Herc has made the perils of getting a tattoo clear, I’ll be staying far away from the tattoo parlors.

  2. Loved the theme song! And the remote Talking Trash was great! I almost laughed out loud on the treadmill at the Y when the guy came up and started chatting about all the trash (needles too!) that is there after a heavy rain. It was great to hear the WOW’s share more about their housing costs and what they did to lower them too. Well done! I see more “remotes” in the future!

    • Mr. Groovy

      LOL! I love it, Vicki. We’ll have to do a follow-up RTT with the WoWs when the winter rains bring needles to the beach. And, yes, the game plan is to do at least one RTT a month. It will be a great way for me and Mrs. G. to finally connect with the bloggers we love–like yourself. Talk to you soon. Hope the renovation is going well.

    • Hey Vicki

      Trust us when we say it caught us off guard too! We didn’t know what to say, I guess well have to have a sequel.

      We’re super excited to see how they can use this idea in the future! This was a proof of concept and it worked!

      • Mr. Groovy

        I loved you guys, and you were surely the stars of the show, but that guy was the icing on the cake. He just made a special conversation between bloggers even more special.

  3. Wow the audio quality for the beach is pretty darn good. There’s no wind disruption. And that’s kinda of a dirty beach!! $700k for a fixer! Los Angeles is $$$.

    $100 for two months for water isn’t bad! Our water bill in Seattle is $160+ for one house every two months. It’s because the county decided to get our water from more eco friendly sources. Can’t attest if that’s totally true or just a price gouge :p

    • Mr. Groovy

      Hey, Lily. I was pretty surprised by the sound quality too. Wind can really cause havoc on a recording. But thankfully the weather gods smiled upon us. And it’s amazing how much water costs vary in the country. When I was back in New York, water was by far our cheapest utility. In fact, when we were living in our condo in Long Beach, we didn’t even have a water bill. The water bills were so low they were included in the HOA.

    • Our water bill is the worst of the bunch. But since we have a tiny yard, no irrigation system, it’s not bad. As soon as you have sprinklers and you’re away from the ocean, it gets pricy quick. Same with electric, we have no a.c., so we run some light bulbs and our fridge and that’s about it. But trust me, the real estate prices more than make up for it.

      • Mr. Groovy

        My brother-in-law’s family lives in San Diego. Two of his brothers were recently visiting in North Carolina, and they said their base water bill is $191 on a month. I wasn’t there for the conversation, but I got the impression that by base, it was meant that the minimum bill every month would $191. Presumably, if either decided to water the lawn, their water bill would easily exceed $300 for the month. That’s kind of scary.

    • Those houses you’re looking at in the video are some of the most expensive in LA. It’s nuts.

      The beach was actually pretty clean, we’ve seen way worse. After rain as our friend pointed out, and during the summer when the beach is packed. So if thats dirty, id love to see where you usially go to the beach.

      • Mr. Groovy

        I was a little surprised by the lack of garbage, actually. I mean, there were a lot of bottle caps and scraps, but nothing terribly revolting. I was expecting to see more beer bottles and styrofoam containers.

      • Mr. Groovy

        Agreed. It’s only a matter of time before RTT goes international. I’m sure some of our Canadian or Australian friends will help make that happen.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! You don’t definitely don’t want your wig split. Also, I think that episode of Taxi won the Emmy for funniest show of the year. And before I watched that clip of Janis and Raquel, I was aware of the Dick Cavett existence, but I don’t ever remember watching it as a kid. It turns out he had some pretty famous guests on the show–everyone from Marlon Brando to Mick Jagger. And apparently Janis was a regular. Who knew?

  4. I’m so glad we are part of your YouTube suggestions. What does that say about us???

    It was fun so fun to do this with you and I’m glad it worked out!! Excited to see the future of it!!

    Btw, the theme song and icons are perfect!!!

  5. Wow! No pun intended. Love the production value, theme song, remote shoot, man on the street interviews. wetsuit help, etc! Super fun to watch and listen too. Thanks, Mr. G and Mr. and Mrs. Wow! Looking forward to part 2.

      • Mr. Groovy

        Hey, Mrs. WoW. You guys made the show a 10. The beach-cleaner-upper surfer guy bumped it up to an 11. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to RTT. Thanks again for making it happen. I owe you guys.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thank you, Brian. Mr. and Mrs. WoW were super good sports. And they were the ones who tested all the software to make sure Remote Talking Trash was feasible. They’re the MVPs of this episode. I was just lucky enough to tag along.

        • Mr. Groovy

          You and Mrs. WoW were the MVPs of RTT. My goal is to do at least one RTT a month in 2018. And if possible, I’d love to get you guys on again. Maybe the next time we can include Tonya from Budgets and the Beach. That would be fun.