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  1. Mr. Groovy

    LOL! Thanks, Chris. Mrs. Groovy was very concerned when she learned the title of this post. But she came around after she read it and allowed me to post it. Whew.

  2. I love it. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading this post, but I’m going to be thinking about the “financial warp” any time someone mentions time warp from now on. Thanks Mr. Groovy!

  3. 70s movies are probably my least favorite period of pop culture. They’re just too creepy in a weird way for me. Maybe because Sean Connery wasn’t James Bond anymore.

    But I do like the analogies you have used and glad you could do the Financial Warp.

  4. Hey Groovys! I never understood the appeal of RHPS either but I do enjoy seeing the camerdaerie that goes with these cult like phenomenons. It’s all harmless fun in the end…Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings. Fans get so excited and it’s nice to see happy people instead of miserable ones. 😁Anywho, love that we now have a new FI dance! If it can pick up a cult Iike following perhaps it will influence generations to come!! I hope fishnet stockings aren’t a necessity for this one…I get cold easily!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I’ll take your word for the unsuitability of fishnet stockings. I don’t have any experience there. And, yes, it’s nice to see happy people instead of miserable ones. May our cult spread far and wide. Thanks for stopping by, Miss M. You never fail to lift my spirits. Tootles.

  5. I admit, I loved Rocky Horror Picture Show – mostly because it brings back great memories with friends. I found myself singing along to the Time Warp in your post. 🙂

    And I love the analogy – if anyone can tie Rocky Horror Picture Show to personal finance and have it make complete sense, it’s you, Mr. Groovy! Your creativity is phenomenal. Great post.

    Personal finance is a pretty simple dance, as long as you allow it to be. It’s all the things money represents that makes it more complicated.

    • Mr. Groovy

      “Personal finance is a pretty simple dance, as long as you allow it to be.”

      Great line! I’m going to have to remember this one (and give the appropriate credit, of course). Thanks for stopping by, Amanda. I really appreciate your kind words and wisdom.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! I forgot all about VH1. I remember when VH1 and MTV used to play nothing but music videos. In fact, I remember when MTV first premiered. I don’t remember who the first VJ was (Martha Quinn?). But I remember the first video, Video Killed the Radio Star. And you and Tonya summed up perfectly why personal finance is so vexing. Money is simple but people are complicated. Thanks for stopping by, Penny. It was fun reminiscing.

  6. My dad thought Rocky Horror was too deviant, and wouldn’t let me go with my friends in the mid-80s. He and my stepmom also didn’t approve of D&D or Harry Potter later and still don’t get our early semi-retired status…

    Yeah, by all means, figure out how to live below your means and then increase those means. Time and freedom are awesome.

    • Mr. Groovy

      LOL! It’s hard for parents not to protect their babies from the world’s wickedness. I was kind to my parents. I didn’t explore the edge of deviance until I went away to college. It was my way of saying thank you. And you nailed it, Emily. Time and freedom are indeed awesome.

  7. LOL – a little personal finance humor is just what I needed today 🙂

    You make such a good point about how improving your money situation doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Yes, there is plenty out there to learn about, if you’re interested and have the time. But big wins can be made with little tweaks.

    • Mr. Groovy

      “[B]ig wins can be made with little tweaks.”

      Thank you for summing up the essence of personal finance. You made my day, Harmony.

    • Mrs. Groovy

      I was pretty mortified when Mr. G first told me the title. Now that I’ve read the post I see it’s not as offensive or un-PC as I originally thought. Still, that husband of mine comes up with some doozies!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Great question. She wasn’t happy when I pitched the idea. But I gave her total veto power over its publication. Thankfully I didn’t stray too far from the bounds of good taste and she let the post go through–begrudgingly.

  8. The key to a quality cult is not knowing that you’re in a cult, and I think that the FIRE community achieves that quite well. I have to admit that I haven’t seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, but now I want to.
    I would nominate Mr. Money Mustache because he’s the one who got me into this whole world, but I’m not sure how good of a leader he would be since he advertises that it’s a cult on his front page.
    Props on the step to the right where you only took one sick day for three years. I would go mad if I worked every day! Then again I guess government workers do get a lot more holidays than most.
    Thanks for the post, it was entertaining as always!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! So true about government workers and time off. We could bank up to 60 vacation days. Once you hit the max for banked vacation days, you had to use your vacation time or lose it. Since I got 25 vacation days a year, it wasn’t hard to reach the 60 vacation day limit. So by the time my no-sick time vow was made, I had to take 25 vacation days a year. And we did get 12 holidays. We actually got Lincoln’s birthday off in addition to President’s Day. But here’s the amazing part. I worked 20 years and left with about 150 sick days. There were guys who worked 30 years and left with no sick days. As soon as they earned a sick day, they used it. Talk about throwing free money away!

  9. Caitlyn, you never cease to amaze. What an awesomely humorous post, and yet very valid points about the easy dance steps!!

    Funny you mention J$’s hair, that was my first thought when you asked for nominees. I like the guy, tho, so I’m not going to nominate him.

    I nominate Caitlyn. Smiles.

    • Mr. Groovy

      LOL! Caitlyn would be the perfect spokesperson for the Financial Warp. Too bad I’m a man trapped inside a man’s body. Oh, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!

  10. Nice take on a fun film! I never got the craze of going to the theatres and participating, but it is a great movie. Although, being born a yr after the bicentennial, I didn’t get introduced to it until mid 90’s in college.

    My vote would be MMM, but prefaced with early MMM not the later posts. Vintage MMM is what got us into this whole thing, and what turned me off of this whole thing for the first couple of years, lol.

    My reply to Mrs. SSC when she introduced his blog to me, “I’ve lived off of $25k/yr, it sucks! It’s not glamorous or cool…” Hahahahaha I still stand by that statement.

    We did our own jump to the left and found almost $24k we were just frittering away… Yipe! A few more of those discoveries along with a new position for me was our step to the right. Investing all that extra “found money” really went a long way and our lifestyle wasn’t cramped or stifled.

    While Mrs. SSC decreased her income dramatically recently, we’re far enough along that it isn’t affecting our FIRE date much.

    Again, nice post!

    • Mr. Groovy

      Those were pretty awesome jumps to the left Mr. SSC. 24K saved! I love it. And I hear ya about MMM. I really admire Pete and respect him the financial wisdom he’s promoted. In fact, before I stumbled upon his blog, I thought I was working until I was 65. The 25 times living expenses thingy really opened my eyes and my mind. But I, oddly enough, have problems with his recent work. I can’t put my finger on it precisely, but he seems to have gone Hollywood. Oh, maybe it’s just jealousy. I want to have a million views a month! Thanks for stopping by, Mr. SSC. I love people who do the Financial Warp so well.

      • I think it’s going from espousing frugality to writing posts about wanting Tesla’s and recommending investing with companies that require you to be an accredited investor and that sort of thing. At least for me it’s those sort of posts that seem to have flipped from his “don’t be a sheeple” type of posts. 😉

  11. You never fail to amaze me in how you see personal finance connections in almost anything. I’ve never seen the movie but I am familiar with the dance, since that was still popular when I went to college in the 90’s. What a great analogy 🙂

    P.S. Like Ty, I’m also a bicentennial baby. Yay for 1976!

    • Mr. Groovy

      I love bicentennial babies. Philadelphia freedom! Oddly enough, the Time Warp wasn’t big in college for my generation. I went to college from 1979-84 and Animal House was far more influential. So no Time Warp dancing but a lot of Toga Parties.

  12. Fun post. I don’t really get the Rocky Horror craze either, but I know it lasted well into the 80’s and even the 90’s courtesy of the fact that my sister-in-law used to perform in it on Saturday nights. Anyway, the Financial Warp is simple enough if people just embrace it. As far as the leader of the cult, you may remember that there were conventioneers at the castle, so perhaps we should be considering PT for the ringleader as well.

    • Mr. Groovy

      Haha! Totally forgot about PT. Good call, Gary. I don’t remember if I was a senior in high school or a freshman in college, but I did attempt to go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror once. I believe it was at a theater in Syosset, Long Island, and a huge fight broke out on line just before we were about to go in. Two guys ended up going through a plate-glass windows. No one was seriously hurt. But the cops were called and the showing was cancelled.

  13. Ooh, as much as I love Mr. Money Mustache, my vote goes with J. Money. He definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer and was the very first financial inspiration I found on the World Wide Web. I’m a sucker for mohawks 😛

    It is amazing how much can be saved/invested just by tweaking a few things. Kudos to you guys!

    On a side note, White Castle for Valentine’s Day sounds fantastic, and I never understand the Rocky Horror craze either 😉

    Mrs. Mad Money Monster

    • Mr. Groovy

      Thank you, Mrs. MMM. We really do look back with fondness at our dinners at White Castle on Valentine’s Day. We used to go to the one in Valley Stream by the Long Island Railroad. It attracted a very eclectic clientele. In fact, many of them would fit right in with the people doing the Time Warp in the video. But they were harmless, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their belly-bombs. Fun stuff.

      • The Long Island Railroad! I have fond memories of riding those rails. I was hopping the train to MSG and then the LLRR out to Huntington Station for a few years when I was around 20 years old. There was a place called Totally Wings I used to frequent. Ahhh. Thanks for that little reminder of how much fun I had there. 🙂

        • Mr. Groovy

          Ah, the north shore line. I know it well. I used go to Ranger games from the Hicksville station. I could be wrong, but there seemed to be more freaks on the south shore line. I used to hit Manhattan from the Long Beach station when I was going to grad school and dating Mrs. G. It was amazing how freakish and creepy the riders became after midnight.

  14. The best thing to come out of the 70’s was yours truly! (Bicentennial baby right here).

    The Financial Warp is way better than the Financial Two Step (two steps forward, two steps back) that most people dance.

    Good stuff Mr. Groovy

    • Mr. Groovy

      Wow! While I was enduring the Time Warp craze, you were in your diapers. LOL. And great point about the Financial Warp. It’s way better than the Financial Two Step. Thanks for stopping by, Ty. Great contribution as always.

      P.S. 1976 was an awesome year, and the bicentennial was an awesome celebration. I still vividly remember the Tall Ships and fireworks in New York Harbor.

  15. Money isn’t complicated. Humans are complicated. We mess it up but, ya know, thinking and feeling. I think most people would agree that eating better and exercising can help with weight, chronic diseases, and longevity, but mmm that cake was sooooo good, and I’ve had a rough/great day! 🙂 If we can remove some emotional ties to money, we might all be doing a little better! 🙂

    • Mr. Groovy

      Whoa! Great comment. If we can figure out a way to remove emotions from money, game over. In the meantime, we’ll just have to trick ourselves into forging good habits. And that’s where things like the Financial Warp come in. Thanks for stopping by, Tonya. In a few measly sentences, you packed a lot of wisdom.

  16. I feel like Mr. Money Mustache is the sweet transvestite of the FIRE world. He’s gotten a lot of us into this crazy, crazy Time Warp.

    As a Millennial myself, I absolutely LOVE The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I used to to go the showing every Halloween in full regalia. 🙂